Notes from Open Definition Call February 2015 - February 26, 2015 in Uncategorized


  • Herb Lainchbury
  • Mike Linksvayer
  • Timothy Volmer


  • state of OD 2.1
  • IMF license for data reuse
  • recommendations to Surrey
  • licenses waiting for assessment
  • license approval process and communications check-in
  • open data and APIs


  • state of OD 2.1
  • IMF license for data reuse
    • already in place
    • is this solely a license or combo license/tos
    • do we need to assess licenses where there’s little chance to change and where we do not know the creator of the license
    • IMF is high profile
    • smaller orgs tend to look to larger orgs for leadership
    • let’s reach out to them?
    • ask on the list if anyone has a contact we can reach out to (Herb)
  • recommendations to Surrey
    • sent out last Friday
    • Herb to follow up
    • ideally Canadian federal govt will entertain a having a reusable license that sub-nationals can use as is done in the UK
  • licenses waiting for assessment
    • create a queue of licenses on github?
    • possibly submit as issue to track
    • but volume is low and handling it ok on email list too
    • gpl v3 review, especially since CC BY-SA 4.0 one way compatibility process with gpl upcoming
    • license level National
    • what sorts of things should our recommended list
  • license approval process and communications check-in
    • okfn-discuss, okfn-local
    • possibly social media heads up from @okfn
    • also there’s the “updates” section of OD website; few posts there but could revive
  • open data and APIs
    • OD could try to keep up with this issue
    • open software services definition -
    • could have general discussion of challenges/problems; focus on government use case
    • Herb will follow-up after OD 2.1 is done

International Open Data Day in Deutschland

khansonia - February 26, 2015 in Open Knowledge Foundation

ODD 2015 im Rückblick

Am vergangenen Samstag war International Open Data Day. Rund um den Globus gab es Events zum Thema Offene Daten.

In Deutschland haben die OK Labs von Code for Germany wieder teilgenommen und Hackathons und Workshops in ihren Städten veranstaltet. Leipzig, Münster, München, Köln, Heilbronn (in Mannheim), Berlin und Ulm haben mitgemacht. Open-Data-Begeisterte in Frankfurt, Jena, Magdeburg und Karlsruhe haben darüber hinaus den Open Data Day genutzt, um neue OK Labs zu launchen!

Die Community hat gehackt, diskutiert, neue Mitglieder begrüßt und zahlreiche Projekte entwickelt. Hier gibts einen Überblick über die Open-Data-Day-Treffen deutschlandweit.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 11.19.20

Melbourne OK weekly

datakid - February 26, 2015 in event, Melbourne

We are still finding our feet at the weekly Melbourne OKau meet ups. But after roughly two months of regular meetings it’s fair to say we have momentum and a regular turn-out of about fifteen people.

OKMelb have decided on a format of sorts. Every other week, if possible, we will have a domain expert talking for as long as is required – between 15 minutes to an hour, depending on topic – followed by a break-out into project work of attendees choosing. These nights will be punctuated by the “Shut up and Hack” nights in which people focus on their project(s) of choice specifically.

Tonight’s Shut Up and Hack was a great success. Matt and I worked on the OKau mission statement – a rough first draft that needs a lot of work but is a starting point. Andrew and Matt looked into the CKAN API, Fiona learnt Latex from Ruth, Mediawiki from Steve, and then proceeded to add to the global knowledge. The impressive OpenMRS team are regular attendees and worked on the “what’s next” problem, looking at, amongst other things, the amazing Kenyan projects from iHub – Ushahidi, software that collects realtime data fr visualisation; BRCK, rugged internet for people; and Umati – social media scraping software for hate speech analysis.

As per every week, there was the vegan friendly snack time, networking opportunities and space for those that just wanted to share knowledge verbally.

The Eternal Guffaw: John Leech and The Comic History of Rome

Adam Green - February 25, 2015 in Art & Illustrations, Books, caricature, cartoons, history of rome, john leech, punch, punch magazine, romans, victorian

At the beginning of the 1850s, two stalwarts from the heart of London-based satiric…

#openbelgium15, the Open Data Discussion after Open Data Day

Guest - February 25, 2015 in Events, OKF Belgium

This is a guest blog post by Pieter-Jan Pauwels from Open Knowledge Belgium.

Skærmbillede 2015-02-25 kl. 14.23.29

This past weekend has been buzzing with activities around the world during #OpenDataDay. In Belgium however they saved their strength for this week in order to host the #openbelgium15 conference, featuring industry examples, community workshops and much more. Over 180 people are gathering in Namur to attend and you can too via streaming. The whole day Open Knowledge Belgium will broadcast activities for the online audience.

“Auditorium Félicien Rops” is the plenary session hall and also the workshop room for “Open Data Tools & Standard” and “Local Open Data”. The “Plein Ciel” hall will host the “Open Transport session” as well as the “Open Science session”.

You can let us know what you think through the hashtag #openbelgium15 on Twitter, or read much more about the conference on the official website. Enjoy!

Auditorium Félicien Rops (plenary sessions):