Notes from Coord Meeting, 2/4/12

April 2, 2012 in Meeting Notes

#Team Meeting

Team meeting 2nd April, around 1.30 pm UK time. (13:30 UTC)


* Velichka Dimitrova
* Sam Leon
* Rufus Pollock
* Tom Rees
* Kat Braybrooke
* Marcus Dapp
* Joris Pekel

## Apologies

* Laura Newman
* Naomi Lillie
* Daniel Dietrich (in a meeting in Amsterdam – CIP dib on open data challenges)
* Ira (travelling to DGU meeting)
* Laura James (in another meeting)
* David Raznick (DGU)
* Lucy Chambers
* Mark Wainwright


* [Daniel Dietrich](
* [Kat Braybrooke](
* [Sam Leon](
* [Rufus Pollock](
* [Velichka Dimitrova](

## Questions

* Linked Open Vocabularies project –
* Private sector re-use org or company / Norway open gov visit to London on May 9th
* OKFestival – keynotes, funding
* OKFN to help out with Open Data workshops in Romania?

## Notes

* SL has 2000x stickers and 10x t-shirts stashed away in C4CC available for anyone who need them for events — button badges to come this week and 50x more t-shirts to come this week
* Arising from discussion of RP + Laura Newman (talking about Open Data Handbook and School of Data) last week that Laura Newman take on role of content “division” co-ordinator — Handbooks, School of Data (PDR?). Need to discuss with other handbook creators whether this useful.
* Suggestion of a sprint in Berlin for School of Data around 21st May
* [OKFN Master Theme]( has now been made more customizable – see CKAN site for an example of this
* MD reported on strategy planning sprint — write up of flip charts and notes to follow
* MD offline for the next 3 weeks
* OKFest submissions for strands coming in thick and fast – Kat is lead on this – The OKFestival Core Organising Team has 5 members (4 are Finnish, the 5th is Kat). NOTE: For details on what is being planned re: budget, grants, calls for proposals, media, advisory etc, the *private* organiser Etherpad is [here](
* Coord list needs to be updated so that project LDV can be sent out and next steps can be decided upon
* It is highlighted that a process required for how to decide on which events to attend — until process is in place, all event to be discussed on coord call


* SL catch up with Rufus re:picking up schwag for Berlin
* SL to check who is on the coord list right now and ping concerning the Linked Data Vocabs project to get consensus on whether we should host
* LC to email Kat re Romania Local Group/contacts
* KB to put the events calendar she created into the All Team folder

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