Notes from Coord Call 14/05/2012

May 15, 2012 in Meeting Notes

# Wolfpack Team Meeting notes

Team meeting 14th May around 1.30 pm UK time. (12:30 UTC)

## Headlines
* Strategy for ongoing calls still being considered, also management of events
* Meetups on Mon ([Cambridge](, Wed ([Edinburgh]( and Thu ([Manchester]( this week. If you have contacts in who’d like to meet the OKFN team, please invite them!
* Hackathon with DevCSI, Open Biblio, Open GLAM and Cultural Heritage 12-14th June – pass on [these details]( for interested parties to join the party!

## Participants
* Kat Braybrooke
* Lucy Chambers
* Marcus Dapp
* Velichka Dimitrova
* Laura James
* Sam Leon
* Naomi Lillie
* Laura Newman
* Joris Pekel
* Darwin Peltan
* Rufus Pollock
* Tom Rees
* Mark Wainwright

## Apologies
* Daniel Dietrich (on his way to Geneva WSIS)

## Agenda
* Histories of Open Knowledge Project (SL) – confirmed
* Who should attend all-hands meeting other than wolfpack? (LJ) – email LJ within next day or so if you have further ideas after this call. Who we actually invite other than core team will depend on venue & costs etc.
* PMR (& Jenny Molloy?)
* new paid team people since last all-hands (LJ can compile list)
* Joris
* Ira & David Raznick & MarkW (depending on where, may also make sense to get rest of ckan team along)
* One Europe response – LN to follow up

## Updates & FAO (paste your notebook link in here [name](link)):
* [Daniel Dietrich]( )
* [Naomi Lillie]( ) FAO: all, please promote [Hackathon]( ) 12-14 June; anyone with contacts in Edinburgh, please promote #OpenDataEDB [Meet-up]( ) this Wednesday
* [Sam Leon](
* [Joris Pekel](
* [Laura Newman](
* [Kat Braybrooke]( FAO: mega focus on getting a bunch of essential OKFestival releases out to public this week, at FutureEverything Thurs/Fri in Manchester, so am a bit manic. Sorry in advance

## Events – refer to [spreadsheet](
* Community-powered digital transformations in learning – too short notice
* Personal Democracy Forum, Brussels – LC invited but needs some desk time!
* Data UY – School of Data Journalism / Hacker Bus – LC to discuss with KB (perhaps one for OKFN_BR to pick up)
* Ogov – training course for open government officials in Spain (line 34, RGRP) – discuss with RP
* FOCAS, Aspen Institute, Colorado (line 30, RGRP) – discuss with RP
* New Media Forum Plenary Chamber, Brussels (line 26, RGRP) – discuss with RP
* Daniel added some events – discuss with DD
* STRATA – please get your proposals in now <- FAO CKAN TEAM * Apps4Italy Award Ceremony and Event - - YourTopia Italia shortlisted - May 19 ( - Also: - Giacomo Luchetta making a presentation about YourTopia - VD to discuss Romevisit with RP * Digital Agenda Assembly: - IB invited, if anyone has experience talk to Ira; DP advises attendance; MD to go (back2back with W3C OD workshop) * festival of happiness in Italy (VD), where we could make a presentation about Yourtopia - some top level people involved in research about mearing well-being will be there - a guy form the YourTopia team is based in the town where the event is organised so he would be able to cover that. * Domain-specific events should be agreed by Project Manager and try to pay from paid projects where possible, process for Core is still to be determined ## Questions * Facebook - continue discussion on email * Process for deciding events, and allocating budget and travel (still an open question - one for later meetings) * budget (should be project manager if it's a specific domain and there's a funded project, or Foundation Coord if it's core) * is the event worthwhile? does it have good reputation? is it a senior key note type thing or an informal community event or a technical event? (this sort of question is a good one for our collective memory rather than a project manager) * who goes * Notebook posts - also a question for ongoing discussion * is the process of writing them useful? * is the process of reading other people's useful? * is there a better way to get uptodate on others' news? ## AOB * 2nd (and final) call for OKFestival proposals to be released to public today/tomorrow - deadline early June - and those of you who are Guest Programme Planning leads have been notified in the past week - but let Kat know if have any questions about this process ## Actions * Ongoing actions under control 🙂

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