Notes from the Wolfpack Meeting, 25/6/12

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# Team Meeting

Team meeting 25th June, around 1.30 pm UK time. (12:30 UTC, 14:30 CEST)

## Highlights
* NO Wolfpack meeting next week, due to All Hands
* Gentle reminder to fill in the “State of Affairs” staff survey if not yet done: (current stats: full 12, incomplete 6, total 18.)
* Please use ‘free text’ fields to add comments
* Please give your input to [July Summit agenda]( Accomodation list can be found here:
* Initial deadline for OKFest travel bursaries is this Wednesday, please share with your networks. Core team travel funding to be discussed in managemenet meeting today, more info soon.
* Laura James away this week – Naomi can help with finances, but for emergency payments talk to Rufus and for management stuff talk to Marcus.
* Laura Newman out of touch to varying degrees until mid-August. Comm coord team to reallocate chairing meetings etc.

## Notes
* Mumble verdict is a ‘no’, sticking with Skype for now with hunting for an alternative ongoing but on the back-burner
* Video month [LJ] – NB: carried over from last week
* OKFN now has a video camera!
* Discussing video usage and future plans at All-Hands meeting, with Jonathan, with aim to make a ‘who are we’ video for presenting to others
* Google Hangouts for Comm-coord standups?
* possible alternative to a Skype call, can use video etc, Lucy suggests experimenting
* Comm Coord encouraged to liaise together more

## Events (
* Transparency Week, Mexico (coincides with OKFest)
* No-one free, shame – LN will send reluctant ‘no’ with invitation to be involved in OKFest 😉
* Cambridge Network – Policy Making Implications of the Digital Revolution, 12/7.
* LN to confirm unavailability
* [online] USAID June 26th Ideation Jam for Food Security Open Data Challenge (e-mail with info forwarded) [ie tomorrow]
* No-one immediately available but anyone interested should contact Velichka D
* DDJBook – Korea
* Immediately after OKFest – should tie-in with end of All-Hands meeting on Sat/Sun
* LC potentially attending
* Big Data Forum [MW]
* For info only at this stage, CKAN attendance possible

## Participants
* Kat Braybrooke
* Lucy Chambers
* Marcus Dapp
* Velichka Dimitrova
* Naomi Lillie
* Laura Newman
* Joris Pekel
* Mark Wainwright

## Apologies
* Daniel Dietrich
* Laura James
* Sam Leon
* Darwin Peltan
* Rufus Pollock
* Tom Rees

## Updates (paste your notebook link in here [name](link)):
* [Naomi Lillie](
* [Kat Braybrooke](
* [Tom Rees](
* [Marcus Dapp](
* [Laura Newman](
* [Laura James](
* [Joris Pekel](
* [Sam Smith](
* [Tom Rees](
* [Sam Leon](

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