Notes from the Wolfpack Meeting, 9/16/12

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## AOB (For Your Attention!)

* Note for all re OKFestival: All OKF Staff should have gotten email regarding travel/accommodation from Naomi last week (ask her if not). Updated week schedule now at and contact email for each Topic Stream at – Second round of Travel Bursaries to be released later this week.
* Reminder: please fill in survey about the Staff Summit before this Wed!
* A note that LauraJ still needs a monthly update from Chapters, Labs, OKFest, OpenBib, CKAN core, CKAN small projects (CMAP, IATI, DGU). To submit, email her or use the google form ASAP. Deadline extended to this Wednesday.

## Highlights

* Question for OKF Networks re use of OKFN images and public attributions – the licence we put photos on Flickr under requires attribution ‘in the way specified by the author’ – it isn’t clear what that ‘way’ is. Perhaps there should be a clearer statement on our [profile page](, and perhaps we should use CC-0 instead. Naomi to send round email discussion about this.
* Another note that we still are all hangin’ on Campfire – for those who want to natter/chill, join us!
* Question about Notepad and who is supposed to do it, and also about who is on team@ vs staff@. LauraJ will email explanations about both of these for reference of entire staff.
* Conversation about the never-ending problem of Skype being somewhat awful. Thoughts re: using a landline (so analog!) or another method (perhaps our own server on Mumble?)

## Events
* Note: for the next few weeks, we will put events in the Events Spreadsheet and Joris will send around a regular email to determine their status, given that many of us will not be able to join these calls each week for the remainder of the summer.

## Updates

– [Naomi Lillie](
– [Daniel Dietrich](
– [Sam Leon](
– [Kat Braybrooke](
– [Laura James](
– [Tom Rees](

## Participants

* Kat Braybrooke
* Daniel Dietrich
* Velichka Dimitrova
* Laura James
* Sam Leon
* Naomi Lillie
* Darwin Peltan
* Mark Wainwright
* Ira Bolychevsky
* Primavera de Filippi

## Apologies

* Joris Pekel
* Jonathan Gray (will be joining this call again next week!)
* Tom Rees (away in Edinburgh Mon,Tues,Weds)
* Marcus Dapp (in Cyprus speaking for OKFN)
* Laura Newman
* Rufus Pollock
* Lucy Chambers

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