CKAN Roadmap goes public

June 24, 2013 in ckan, contributing, News, Roadmap

Now that CKAN 2.0 is out, what should the next direction be for CKAN? New features, easier customisation, more data previews, UI tweaks… we’ve had plenty of ideas and suggestions, and we’d like you, the CKAN community, to help shape the direction and future of CKAN.

So, we’ve created a public CKAN Roadmap using Trello! CKAN is open source and there are lots of ways to get involved:

  • Prioritise features: see something you want? Vote it up (by clicking on the card and pressing the ‘vote’ button)!
  • Specify implementation: comment on a feature card with requirements, edge cases to consider or related work that exists.
  • Contribute code: Are you a coder working on something like one of these features? Let us know! Add a comment to the card, and e-mail the dev list.
  • Sponsor: See a feature listed you’d really like in CKAN, but don’t have the skills to implement yourself? You can sponsor the feature by paying for the developer time needed to create it. Just, write to info[at] or using our contact form.
  • Suggest: Is there some great feature that you can’t see on the roadmap? Add it to our github wiki page and kickstart a discussion on the discussion list.

Roadmap screenshot

About the roadmap

On the roadmap, you’ll find four columns of cards:

  • Ideas / requests: there are lots of ideas that have been put forward. Which of them would you find most valuable?
  • Backlog: These are things we plan to work on, but haven’t started yet.
  • In progress: Stuff our developers are working on at the moment.
  • Done: These are features that have recently been developed and will appear in a release of CKAN soon. Click on a card to see more details.

For actual bugs and issues, it is still best to report them on our github issue tracker. For general Q&A please use stackoverflow or drop a note to our open community dev list.

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