CKAN High-Level Roadmap Consultation – Autumn 2014

October 1, 2014 in Association, Roadmap
We are working to create a Roadmap of key technical and community work for the next 6 months and we want to hear from as many as possible of you in the CKAN community to find out what you think is important. To aid this process we have created a long-list of Roadmap ideas in a Trello board which you can view, comment, vote on and add to – please take a look now and share your thoughts »

More Information

With the CKAN Association Steering Group and Technical Team in place, we can now think more about the CKAN “Roadmap”. The goal here is to agree a short-list of 4-6 high-level technical and community items that CKAN Association will focus on in the next 6-12m. The plan is as follows:
  • Build a “long-list” of potential roadmap item and review / prioritize with users and the community over the next few weeks
  • Create a final Roadmap selection (short-list) that will be the focus of our near-term work
Led by Ashley Casovan of the Steering Group, the Steering Group and the Technical Team have already prepped long-list of high-level roadmap items which can be found in trello here: Please jump in and vote and comment.


How does this relate to Github Ideas and Roadmap Tracker

The current ideas and roadmap tracker was used as input for this long-list. The purpose of the trello long-list was: To have a shorter high-level long-list that focused on key items (the issue tracker now has over 80 items of varying scope and detail) Provide a simple interface in which people (including non-developers) could vote and comment

How will the Roadmap be resourced

The aim of the Roadmap is to produce a list of things that the CKAN Association and general community can specifically focus and execute on. We aim to produce a list that is commensurate with current (and anticipated) resources available to the CKAN Association based on Member commitments.

Where can I find out more about CKAN Roadmaps

See the Roadmap page.

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