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IPFS Workshop @ Oil Can Harry’s

- January 18, 2016 in Blockchain, Events, IPFS, OKFN Ireland, Open Knowledge Ireland, Persistance

Join Open Knowledge Ireland to explore IPFS – the cutting edge open-source technology of the future available today.
The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a new hypermedia distribution protocol, addressed by content and identities. IPFS enables the creation of completely distributed applications. It aims to make the web faster, safer, and more open. We’ll be joined by Juan Benet (via video link), inventor of the Inter-Planetary File System and founder of Protocol Labs. When: Thursday, 21 January 2016 [18:30-20:00]
Where: Oil Can Harry’s, 31/32 Lower Mount St, Dublin 2 open streets map
Registration Page:
Hope to see you there.

Open Health Data Night @ Science Gallery

- January 5, 2016 in Events, Hospital Waiting List, OGP Ireland, Open Data Ireland

Building on the health data meetups that took place in March 2013 & in May 2013, and Health Data Maker Party, June 2015 we will be hearing about how open health data can save lives and help all of us to make better-informed decisions. We’ll also have a panel discussion on open health data to see how we can overcome some of the challenges. Open Data Ireland was set up with the purpose of helping citizens access high value, machine readable datasets generated by the Irish Government. This community meetup is organised by Open Knowledge Ireland and WikiMedia Ireland. It will bring together people who are passionate about sharing, learning, using and progressing Open Data in Ireland. Date: January 20th
Time: Doors open at 18:00. The event will begin at 18:30 and finish at 20:00
Place: Science Gallery, Pearse Street. Register here: The theme for this Meetup is “Trauma” This meetup will be facilitated by Eugene Eichelberger Guest speakers and panelists include:

Open Data And The Blockchain

- September 1, 2015 in Events, Open Data Ireland

Open Knowledge Ireland and Wikimedia Ireland Community are hosting two events in Dublin, Wednesday, 16 September [18:30-20:00] and Thursday, 17 September [18:30-20:00] to explore opportunities and experience technologies behind distributed databases/blockchains. All welcome! Registration:

Maker Party: Health Data

- June 5, 2015 in Events, Hospital Waiting List, OGP Ireland, OKFN Ireland, Press Release

Join us on Saturday, 13. June, to prove that health data can be more useful if it’s accessible and available for reuse in open formats! Date: 13. June 2015
Time: 10am – 6pm
Venue: T-Cube Fleetstreet (next to Palace Bar)
Registration: We will be working all together on our Open Hospital Waiting List Project to:
  • increase transparency and accessibility of hospital data (i.e. waiting lists) through data liberation;
  • apply data to Open Street Map (OSM);
  • develop a strategy to make this information and the whole subject known to the wider public.
This April, over 190,000 people were waiting over six months for their first appointment with a hospital specialist in Ireland – of these over 11,000 were waiting more than 2 years. Waiting so long for that first specialist appointment results in poorer health outcomes, more expensive treatment and in some instance unnecessary and premature deaths. The National Treatment Purchase Fund (NTPF) publishes its Out­Patient Waiting list and In­patient/Day Case Waiting list reports in PDF format which makes them impossible to access automatically thus limiting their usefulness. Over the past few months Open Knowledge Ireland has scraped the data from these NTPF lists and created a dataset of easily accessible information, available on At our maker party we will drive this process even further with the goal to develop a movement for open health data in Ireland. Register here and get more information! Open Knowledge Ireland (h​ttps://​ is the regional chapter of the global non­profit Open Knowledge network. Open Knowledge Ireland is at the forefront of Ireland’s Open Data community with the aim of developing a self­sustainable, enabling ecosystem for open data to empower citizens and organisations to make better informed, evidence­based decisions. Members of OK Ireland are technology experts and experienced civic activists, with expertise in implementing the best global open data practices and tacit knowledge of unique challenges in Ireland. We are passionate about openness, and using advocacy, technology and training to unlock data to enable people to create, manage and share knowledge.

Data Journalism Hackathon In Barcelona, 18.-21. March

- March 5, 2015 in Data Journalism, Events, hackathon, Outside Ireland

Kosmopolis Kosmopolis15, the festival of amplified literatur, hosts a Data Journalism Hackathon in the CCCB, Barcelona from 18th till 21st of March, organised by CCCB itself and OKF Spain. The topic of the hackathon is to find data around the theme ‘Hunger in Cataluña and Spain’ and to convert it into clear and innovative journalistic documents (reports, visualisations and info graphics, etc). Prices include free licenses for Wolfram and a membership of Amigos del CCCB. The best interactive report will receive 250 EUR and be published in the newspaper (online and print). Though most participants will speak Spanish or Catalan, English speakers are welcome! Read more [spanish] and register!

WIKI Loves Monuments Ireland Event On August 26th

- August 24, 2014 in Events, OKFN Ireland

"Wikimedia is a global movement whose mission is to bring free educational content to the world."
  This Tuesday 26th August 2014
at 6pm at St Audoen’s Church, Cornmarket, Dublin 8, members of the Wikimedia Ireland Community will present an introduction to Wiki Loves Monuments, an international photo contest, organised by Wikimedia, the foundation behind Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There will be several short talks about the contest, the importance of cross disciplinary projects involving Ireland’s extremely rich cultural heritage, and examples about how 21st century digital tools can facilitate greater engagement. This is Ireland’s inaugural year of participation in the annual competition which since its inception has resulted in nearly one million freely licensed photographs being submitted to Wikimedia Commons
by tens of thousands of participants from over 50 countries. It is through local enthusiasts, researchers, and the cooperation of government, that Ireland’s cultural, historical, or scientific significance can be preserved and shared with the world. The Irish contest, focusing on Ireland’s national monuments, runs from August 23-September 30. Open Knowledge Ireland is happy to participate in this effort. More information: