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Climate Tagger for Drupal & CKAN

- November 29, 2014 in annotation, ckan, climate change development, climate tagger, drupal, Featured, HandsOn, linked-open-data, Open Data, tagging

We are happy to announce as follows:
REEEP​ ​[​1]​ and CTCN​ ​[2] have recently launched Climate Tagger, a new tool to automatically scan, label, sort and catalogue datasets and document collections. 
For the Open Data and Linked Open Data communities (beside others), a Climate Tagger plugin for CKAN​ ​has been published​ together with a Drupal Module. The CKAN plugin was developed by NREL​ ​[​3] and the Drupal version by SWC [4] in cooperation with CTCN’s support, harnessing the same taxonomy and expert vetted thesaurus behind the Climate Tagger, helping connect open data to climate compatible content through the simultaneous use of these tools. The whole system is based on SWCs PoolParty Semantic Suite [5].
[1] Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership, 
[2] Climate Technology Centre and Network, 
[3] NREL is a national laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, operated by the Alliance for Sustainable Energy, LLC 
[4] SWC, Semantic Web Company, 
[5] PoolParty Semantic Suite, see:

1. ODP Community Treffen

- September 14, 2014 in Austausch, Erfahrungsaustausch, event, Featured, Gesellschaft, Kunst und Kultur, ODP, offene Daten, Open Data, Open Data News, Open data Portal Österreich, Open GLAM, Open Science, Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft

Mit dem Ende der Urlaubszeit freuen wir uns ganz besonders, zu unserem ersten ODP Community Treffen (Open Data Portal Österreich) einladen zu dürfen: Die ODP Community Treffen werden in regelmäßigen Abständen stattfinden und sollen ein offener Raum des Austausches und Kennenlernens sein, wo Neugierige ebenso willkommen sind, wie alle unsere Unterstützer_innen, die sich bereits am ODP aktiv beteiligen. Angelegt werden die Treffen daher als interaktive Veranstaltungen, wo es vor allem Raum für Erfahrungsaustausch, Fragen und Diskussionen rund ums ODP, Daten, Applikationen und vieles mehr geben wird – also ein reger Austausch zwischen Datenanbietern und Datennutzern… logo-ODP Erster Termin: 25.09.2014, 14:30 bis 15:30 Uhr
Ort: Wiener Rathaus, Arkadenhof, TOP 24 Programm des ODP Community Treffen:
  • Begrüßung und Willkommen
  • Das ODP – Status und Ausblick
  • Stimmen von Dateneinsteller_innen & Datennutzer_innen
    (Statementrunde inkl: Wer bin ich, mein Bezug zum ODP, meine Fragen und mein Feedback zum ODP)
  • Antwort & Diskussion mit dem ODP Team *)
  • Anregungen für unser nächstes Community Treffen?
Zur besseren Koordinierbarkeit der Veranstaltung wird um eine kurze Anmeldung unter: info [at] gebeten. Im Anschluss besteht die Möglichkeit, von der Erfahrung der Teilnehmer_innen der 16. OGD Plattform Wien zu profitieren (16.00 bis 18.00 Uhr, selber Ort), weitere Informationen unter: Das nächste ODP Community Treffen findet am 18.12.2014 wieder in Abstimmung mit dem Plattform Treffen der Stadt Wien statt.
In 2015 werden wir dann auch Community Treffen außerhalb Wiens veranstalten – dazu suchen wir jetzt schon Gastgeber – wir freuen uns über eine Kontaktaufnahme bei Interesse! Wir freuen uns auf reges Interesse und zahlreiche Teilnehmer_innen, auf dass wir eine lebendige Community werden!   *) Vom ODP Team wird anwesend sein: Helmuth Bronnenmayer, OKFN AT, Kommunikation & PR
Claudia Garád, Wikimedia Österreich, Projektleitung
Martin Kaltenböck, OKFN AT, Semantic Web Company, Spezifikation & Techn. Projektleitung
Clara Landler, Community Management und Content
Brigitte Lutz, Cooperation OGD Österreich, Stadt Wien
Günther Tschabuschnig, Cooperation OGD Österreich, Bundeskanzleramt

Open Knowledge Foundation Austria MeetUp on Open Transport Data took place on 14.11.2013 in Vienna

- December 2, 2013 in austria, City of Linz, City of Vienna, Events, Featured, OKF-AT, Open Data, Open Transport, open transport data, Opinion, transport information system, Vienna

About 2 weeks ago, on the 14th of November 2013 an Open Knowledge Foundation Austria (OKF-AT) MeetUp took place in the late afternoon with the title & topic: Open Transport (Data). The MeetUp was hosted at Fabasoft (one of the bigger Austrian IT vendors) in Vienna, Austria. The idea of this event was to present and discuss the current status of transport information systems in Austria and Open Data / Open Transport as well as to discuss how these sector can become more open and take a look into planned future steps of open transport in Austria.
FOTO: Copyrights: Fabasoft AG; Fotograf: Peter Ehringer
After a short introduction by Helmuth Bronnenmayer (Board Member of OKF-AT) telling the ~ 35 people of the audience about objectives and activities of the Austrian chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation (see slides: the topic of the MeetUp was introduced by Peter Parycek (Danube University Krems) and Robert Harm (open3) by giving an insight in the area of Open Transport in the MeetUp keynote – see: Peter introduced the idea of open transport (data) and showcased the importance to open up transport data to (beside others) enable cross-border mobility services and apps. He also introduced the ODP AT – the Open Data Portal Austria project that develops an open data portal for all data – beside government data – in Austria (science, education, industry, NGO & NPO, citizens, OpenGLAM, et al) that will be launched in May / June 2014.
Following the opening keynote 3 short presentations of the City of Linz, by Egon Pischinger of Linz AG (provider of public transport in the City of Linz) where transport data is open but services / applications are still maintained by the City of Linz (although there are already several apps on Linz data in place today), see his slides: Big discussion with Egon & the audience were on the issue why the Linz AG thinks that there is still a need to create & maintain transport apps by the data providers (by themselves) and not starts to become a pure data provider. Linz AG argued that they do not see really stable maintaintence of the existing open transport apps for Linz these days.
2nd talk was held by Rainer Haslberger of the City of Vienna (see slides: where
transport data is also open in the data catalogue. Rainer explained in a very comprehensive talk the whole landscape of the Austrian transport information- and data system. This mainly consists of A) the GIP System that is the basic infrastructure of all transport / traffic routes in Austria – a system that for the first time brings together all data of these traffic routes accros the 9 provinces of Austria on a centralised national level and that has to be adapted to the INSPIRE directive as a next step (and thereby could (!) become open data also). And B) the VAO – Verkerhsauskunft Österreich = Information System on Traffic & Transport in Austria that puts all the additional information on top of the GIP System as traffic flow, schedules of trains, busses & other public transport et al. This data is NOT open data anyhow at the moment as there are several stakeholders involved in this project with different data sets as public administration as well as companies like the Austrian Broadcasting Company or the Austrian Automotive Club et al. The pitty here is that open data is not even a topic of discussion in the VAO project group at the moment – but possibly the MeetUp as well as following meetings & discussions can change this a bit!
The third presentation was held by Denise Recheid of REEEP about Open Transport Data in Developing Countries, see slides: Denise showcased the huge problems of traffic systems and information in developing countries / mega cities but also pointed out the environmental aspect of these problems regarding e.g. carbon emission.
A comprehensive Q&A session as well as a networking session with catering & drinks completed the OKF-AT MeetUp on Open Transport (Data). So what about the findings of this event? Lets say the information- and data system of Austria in the field seems to be on a good way to be harmonised accross our 9 provinces and also some Cities already provide open transport data (as geoinformation, traffic routes or timetable information) in their respective data catalogues – BUT: A) there is no discussion how open data can change environmental problems of transport data in Austria, B) there are NO plans on how to open up the data of the Austrian central transport information system and C) there are only little thoughts about how to follow standardisation on European level (beside INSPIRE) to enable cross border services on (open) transport data – so a lot work still in front of us!

Open Knowledge Foundation Austria MeetUp on Open Transport Data took place on 14.11.2013 in Vienna

- December 2, 2013 in austria, City of Linz, City of Vienna, Events, Featured, OKF-AT, Open Data, Open Transport, open transport data, Opinion, transport information system, Vienna

About 2 weeks ago, on the 14th of November 2013 an Open Knowledge Foundation Austria (OKF-AT) MeetUp took place in the late afternoon with the title & topic: Open Transport (Data). The MeetUp was hosted at Fabasoft (one of the …

Open Knowledge Forum Austria (OKFO) – activities around openness in Austria

- March 7, 2012 in Chapters, Events, OKF Austria, Open Government Data

Austria is one of our incubating OKFN:LOCAL chapters in its last stage before full incorporation. Its core group of organisers in Vienna are planning an OGD BusinessDay2012 on March 22nd in Vienna and the OGD2012 Conference on June 26th in Linz, Austria. For updates and more information, go to DSC_3297_JPG The OKFO – the Open Knowledge Forum Austria was founded in early 2011 in Vienna, Austria. The objectives of this not-for-profit organisation are to promote, initiate, and accomplish activities around openness in Austria, and to actively co-operate with and be part of the international networks around Open Data, Open Science, Open Culture, Open Commons and Open Government (and a little bit of Open Source)! The OKFO has 2 organisational bodies: an advisory board and an executive board consisting of people coming from several institutions and organisations interested in the area of open knowledge: academia, media, industry & business, politicians, students and private people from civil society. One of the main goals of the OKFO is to push Open Data in Austria forward as part of the happening worldwide open data movement! Thus we supported the City of Vienna to launch their data portal in May 2011, as well as the City of Linz for their data portal launch in October 2011. Furthermore the OKFO organised the first Open Government Data Conference in Austria – OGD2011 – on 16 June 2011 in Vienna (supported by the City of Vienna), with about 130participants – where international open data evangelists like Rufus Pollock (OKF), John Sheridan (UK National Archives) or Ton Zijlstra (ePSI Plattform) discussed topics around open data with local Austrian stakeholders from politics, public administration, civil society, academia, media & industry. Furthermore we managed four one-day stakeholder workshops with Austrian representatives of the four main stakeholder groups for open data: politicians, citizens, civil servants and industry/economy in early 2011, to evaluate the open data requirements of these very different groups. The results of these workshops together with a lot of additional information was published as the Open Government Data Weißbuch (für Österreich) – “Open Government Data White Book (for Austria)” – providing basic literature on the topic of Open (Government) Data in the German language. The OKFO is also supporting the open data blog of the Austrian online media, suggesting relevant topics to the editors as well as creating blog posts continuously. Besides this, the OKFO website is the main resource for information – and the OKFO is operating the Austrian instance of CKAN! We are also supporting national and international hackathlons & hackdays on open data, organising local meet-ups for international hack days (such as the Eurostat Hackday), and organising and supporting local events working with local data. We are an invited expert in the Cooperation OGD Austria – a co-operation between public administration of the national government, the Cities of Vienna, Linz, Graz and Salzburg, and hopefully very soon the first participating province – the province of Upper Austria. Being invited experts means we work together with the Cooperation on open data recommendations for Austria, for example publishing recommendations on how to use open source software, on a harmonised meta data standard for Austria (currently also being discussed with Germany and Switzerland for harmonisation), or on using CKAN and and CC-BY licensing as nationwide defaults for open data. Taking a look into the near future of 2012, the activities of the OKFO are as follows:
  • Organising the OGD BusinessDay 2012: Open Data (and) Business on 22nd March 2012 in Vienna. For information & registration please see
  • Organising the OGD2012 Conference on 26 June 2012 in Linz. For information and registration please see:
  • Participating & speaking at the Open Data Conference Switzerland on 28 June 2012 in Zürich
  • Pushing open data forward in the political arena to achieve a commitment at the highest level (too bad that this is still missing here in Austria on a national level).
  • Promoting the field of Open Knowledge by organising, speaking at and participating in relevant local and international events (as e.g. the European Data Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark in June 2012 or the OKFest in September 2012 in Helsinki, Finland)
  • Pushing forward the topic of Linked Open Data Business here in Austria to reach the real potential of Open Data
and many many other activities that for sure will arise in the course of 2012! Hopefully this article gives you a rough overview of our OKFO activities and objectives – we are happy to get in touch with you on the topic of open knowledge – and all of you are very warmly invited to participate in our OKFO events in 2012! Lets stay open!