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Welcome to Open Knowledge Awards 2017

- October 17, 2017 in Open Data

okawards_logoStockholm, 2017/10/17 – Open Knowledge Sweden is pleased to announce the Open Knowledge Awards 2017. Open knowledge is knowledge, often in the form of data, available for everyone to freely use, reuse and redistribute without any sorts of restrictions. Open Knowledge Sweden envisions enlightened societies where everyone has access to key information in order to make daily or life changing choices with the help of relevant information, where authorities, institutions, businesses and other entities are fully transparent and at the same time, using open knowledge to increase innovation and efficiency on finding solutions. Open Knowledge should be a mainstream concept and a natural part of our everyday lives. The Open Knowledge Awards will help raise awareness on how society, including authorities, businesses, organizations and other entities can benefit from open knowledge. OK Awards covers categories such as transparency, entrepreneurship, open science, region/municipality and business initiative. The award winners will set an example of how businesses and organizations have best used open knowledge for innovative solutions, how authorities have been more transparent with the use of open knowledge and how public figures have used their influence for change in that direction, both cultural and legal. “We had our first OK Awards in collaboration with KTH and with support of Wikimedia Sweden last year and it was a great success. This year, in addition to KTH Industrial Marketing and Entrepreneurship Division, we also collaborate with Dataföreningen; expect to have more nominations and more guests at our event with support from the Open Knowledge Community. We believe that OKA is providing recognition to change makers that push for innovation as well as transparent and accountable democracy. It also raises the bar every year for all open knowledge stakeholders in Sweden.” – Serdar Temiz, Chairman of Open Knowledge Sweden To nominate entities/people and for more information about the OK Awards 2017 event: Visit our website You can read more about previous years winners here Feel free to contact us regarding press, sponsorship or volunteer contribution Best regards,
Johanna de Vera Marketing/Project Manager
Phone: +46(0)723237388

Welcome to Open Knowledge Awards 2017

- October 17, 2017 in Open Data

OK Sweden collaborates with the Internet Foundation (.SE)…and other updates

- May 16, 2017 in network, OK Sweden

This blog post is part of our on-going Network series featuring updates from chapters across theOpen Knowledge Network and was written by the Open Knowledge Sweden Team.  We have a new collaboration with the Internet Foundation (.SE) in Sweden, which is an independent organisation which promotes a positive development of the internet for the benefit of the public in Sweden. Open Knowledge Sweden, KTH Mentorspace and other organisations will collaborate under the umbrella of Open Knowledge and Innovation Lab (OKINLAB), and as an initial support, we will be using .SE’s Co-Office in Stockholm We are hosting a researcher, Xiaowei Chen who received funding from Alexander Humboldt Foundation in Germany to study and compare the Swedish Freedom of Information (FOI) to Germany’s “Informationsfreiheitsgesetz” (Freedom of Information). He is also receiving support from Open Knowledge Foundation Germany for his research. Read more about the Xiaowei’s project here. Open Knowledge Sweden’s chairman, Serdar Tamiz was invited to be a researcher panel discussant on Open Science and Open Access organised by Swedish National Library and Karlstad University. Jakob Harnesk, Library Director of Karlstad University moderated the discussions where Nadja Neumann, Fil.dr, Karlstads University and Erika Sandlund, Docent, Karlstads University were other discussants. Erika Sandlund could not attend in person due to illness so she sent over her notes/answers via email.

Open Access Meeting- Researcher Panel

In addition to other local researchers and librarians, there were two international guests:
  1. Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Associate Executive Director & Director of Scholarly Communication at the Modern Language Association, New York, USA. She is also the co-founder of the digital scholarly network MediaCommons and presented new ways of publishing
  2. Vincent Bonnet, Director vid the European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations (EBLIDA), Haag, Holland. Vincent presented how libraries and librarians are changing.
It may appear awfully early, but Asmen Gul, project manager of OKAwards has already started work towards OKAwards 2017 which will be held close to the end of 2017. Asmen is already working with professional Event Manager Erika Szentmartoni for OKAwards 2017. More updates to follow soon.  As mentioned in our previous update, we are part of the pan-EU CLARITY Project. Together with other 6 partners, we presented our findings to the EU Committee in Brussels as a first-year review. Project partners received very constructive feedback to improve their output and progress for the second half of the project. Project partners will have another meeting on 10th of May in London to coordinate the second half of the project.

Fredrik Sjöberg, Executive Director of OK Sweden

In our previous update, we shared a not so secret with you about OK Sweden having its first Executive Director, Fredrik Sjöberg. He works at the digital agency Creuna and is into everything that’s open and digital. He also likes to find digital opportunities that help create a better and more open society and has created communicative solutions using open source for over 10 years. He is an avid advocate of open data and wants more people to see the benefits of sharing. Frederik has already introduced new structures and strategies for the OK Sweden and after the initial planning period, you will hear more from our new Executive Director. Also, we are about having a new election for the board and the chairmanship position. The Meeting is scheduled to be on 13th of May. Board members who have fulfilled membership obligations will have the right to elect the new board. Follow Open Knowledge Sweden twitter page [@OKFSE ] for more updates.  

Open Knowledge – Open Borders

- September 17, 2015 in Open Access, Open Data, open-government, pressmeddelande

open bordersOpen Knowledge Sweden expresses solidarity with the “Refugees Welcome” movement. In our modern, turbulent world access to the knowledge is power. We believe that information helps to keep a balance of power in the world, enabling freedom to make our own, informed choices. Access to information is not possible without access to a safer life. Therefore, Open Knowledge Sweden urges other organizations to follow suit and express support for the “Refugees Welcome” initiative. Openness is the core value of Open Knowledge Sweden and is a critical concept: information must be free for anyone, anywhere. If refugee policy is to be reformed adequately and function correctly, all parties whether governmental, social, or private must enjoy access to information regarding its mechanisms. We believe it is the right of an individual to have full transparency and open access to information which governs their life and livelihood, and refugee policy has wide ranging social impact. Representatives of OKFN Sweden are taking part in the rallies “Refugees Welcome” e.g that had been held e.g on Wednesday, 9 September 2015, in Gothenburg and more others. Openness is one of the pillars Open Knowledge rests on, and it requires both expansion and preservation.
On Behalf of Open Knowledge Sweden: Alla Rybina, Serdar Temiz, Toni Mickiewicz,

Newsletter: Join Nordic Open Data Week in Göteborg 30/5

- May 18, 2015 in Conference, event, Open Data, Open Innovation, Open Meetups

logo[1]Do you want to be involved in developing new smart services? Do you want to take part in inspiring seminars on digitization and open data? Then you should sign up for the Gothenburg event during the Nordic Open Data Week 2015. It is free and you can compete for great prizes. On May 30, 2015 the City of Gothenburg is organizing, together with SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and the Social Media Club Gothenburg, a full day on open data. During the day there will be seminars on innovation, open data and digital services. In addition to the seminars, there is a hackathon, where you will be able to develop ideas with those data sets available, along with other participants. The event is supported by VINNOVA. The competition focuses on solving the challenges emanating from the three sustainability pillars, socially, economically and an ecologically sustainable society. Compete individually or in teams. You can start developing your contribution as soon as you have registered. On May 30, all participants gathers for the on-site development of ideas through visualization of prototypes and suggestions. The ideas will be demonstrated for the audience and the winner is decided by the end of the day. – My hope is that we can get to see all sorts of exciting creations, why not a horn saluting us Gothenburgers when we fall below our levels of air pollution, says Ronald Caous, leading Gothenburg digital development.
Serdar Temiz, doctoral candidate in open data at KTH and chairman of Open Knowledge Sweden, is one of the keynote speakers.
For registration and  more information please click here Welcome!

Invitation for event: Open Data for academics

- April 29, 2015 in Open Data

Open Data is quickly gaining ground and have the potential to change society in major ways. But what will this major change entail? What will the effect be for you as a researcher? Will it just mean more work? Or will Open Data be valuable for future research? How can you as a researcher contribute or take advantage of this development? How can linked open data be useful for academics? With increasing demands that the research results should benefit and inform society, how can academics reach out with their data to the general public? Can greater access of Open Data and Open Access publications create possibilities for academics in developing countries?
And even if we have all kind of data, how do we make sense of it? What is needed to make it understandable and interesting?
Three thought-provoking presentations and a panel discussion by some of the most progressive thinkers in the area will be highlighting different aspects of the use and re-use of Open Data for academics.
A cool month long contest will be presented during the event. Don’t miss it!
All registered participants will get a light lunch. Please observe that there is a limited amount of seats, so sign up right away! The event will be held at Visualization Studio (VIC) at KTH onthe 5th of May in Stockholm from 10:00-15:00, hosted by KTH in partnership with Open Knowledge Sweden and Wikimedia Sverige. Agenda: Open Data, Research and Professional Use
10:00-10:30 – Welcome – morning “fika” and a presentation of the venue
10:30-11:00 – An Update on Open Acess, Margareta Fathli, KTH Library
11:00-11:30 – Wikidata and Open Access – Bringing your research to the ones that need it the most, Jan Ainali, Wikimedia Sverige
11.30-11.45 – Open Data Census, Asmen Gul, KTH
11:45-12:15 – Agile Visualization of Open Data, Mario Romero, KTH (HPCViz)
12:15-13:00 – Lunch
13:00-14:00 – Panel Discussion – Open Data in five years – Dante’s inferno or a Stairway to Heaven.
Led by: Mario Romero, KTH (HPCViz)
Serdar Temiz Open Knowledge Sweden/ KTH Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Jan Ainali, Wikimedia Sverige
14:00-15:00 – Mingle
  To sign up please click here:

Open Data Innovation with GeoData

- October 24, 2014 in Open Data

I had a pleasure to be one of speakers at Swedish Standards Institute’s Forum for geodata on October 16 2014. Forum covered these topics: specifications for urban planning and construction, thoughts on 3D, data quality, environmental geodata, innovations with open data, GIS / spatial data in training. I gave general information about Open Innovation and Open Data and then show some example projects developed based on geo data. General idea is to talk about Value Creation with Open Data from Geo data perspective. My presentation’s title was ‘Open Data Innovation- Geolocation Perspective’. I would like to share my presentation with you. If you have any question or want to invite me to talk about Open Data, Open Innovation, let me know!.
  [slideshare id=40513105&doc=sispresentationoctober2014-141020170409-conversion-gate01]