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Open Knowledge Austria Summer 2016 update

- September 12, 2016 in austria, Chapters updates, network

This blog post is part of our summer series featuring updates from chapters across the Open Knowledge Network and was written by the team of Open Knowledge Austria. The last two months have been very vibrant within Open Knowledge Austria. We co-organized the monthly Vienna Open Data Meetup, but no other public appearances, because we had set up some major projects. We also had our bi-annual plenary meeting and the election of the new board.   First the projects:
  1. Our project OpenDataPortal, in cooperation with Wikimedia AT, got funded by the Austrian Ministry for Mobility, Innovation, and Technology (BMVIT). In the so-called “Data Pioneers” project, we work with companies on open innovation strategies around using and sharing open data. The central goal is to work out use-cases and narratives for companies in order to get them to open up some of their own data. We will organize two workshops and one hackathon in the next months and we will guide the companies during the opening process.
  2. We will organize our second data literacy event for kids, the first time under the branding of the german project “Jugend hackt”. The 3-day event will take place in Linz at the beginning of November and will show children between 12 and 18 how to code with open data.
Second, our governance.   Out brand new board of Open Knowledge Austria for the next two years are:
  • Stefan Kasberger – @stefankasberger,
  • Christopher Kittel – @chris_kittel,
  • Clara Landler – @clara_l,

They are now planning the activities for the next half year, setting up a working group for a funding-strategy and one for a community-strategy, and are figuring  out a guideline for better handling of projects. The current situation in numbers does not look good: we have 1 employed person for 5 hours a week, a few thousand euros to survive the next months and about 30 volunteers members. The good thing: it’s getting better each day, but there are still huge challenges in front of us. The next months will be the most active time of Open Knowledge Austria so far. The very active and well organized Open Science working group will organize a hackathon and a meetup around OpenKnowledgeMaps and disseminate their past activities and involvements, like the Vienna Principles and the copyright recommendations from the OANA (Open Access Network Austria) working groups. Additionally, Michela Vignoli, the coordinator of the Open Science group alongside Peter Kraker, was nominated for the EU Commissions Open Science Policy Platform for her involvement in the YEAR network and will also represent the interests of the Open Science community. We will also start an Austrian City Open Data Census and start a project about Open Data in elections after the disastrous last presidential elections, called “Offene Wahlen Österreich”. Next to the already mentioned Jugend hackt and BMVIT events, we will co-organize as usual the Vienna Open Data Meetups and co-organize a panel about net political processes at European level at the Elevate Festival in Graz. And last but not least: The above-mentioned working groups on funding- and community strategy will start their activity, input welcome. In terms of collaboration, we can offer expertise in the field of Open Science, Knowledge Discovery, Content Mining, Open Data Repositories, Data Literacy and Data Science Trainings. If there is an interest in the outcome of the funding- and community strategy, just ask, and we will try to translate it at the end. In general, we are always happy about international cooperation and we are looking forward to requests and feedback from other Open Knowledge chapters.

Mini-Nachrichtenportal zu österreichischen Open-Data-Quellen

- January 4, 2015 in austria, gerald bauer, nachrichten, News, Open Data, Open Data News, österreich

Gerald Bauer hat ein kleines Nachrichtenportal gebaut, das internationale und österreichische Open-Data-Quellen zusammenfasst. Hier geht’s zum Portal, auf GitHub gibt’s den offenen Quellcode. Sollten noch Feeds fehlen, dann einfach selbst eintragen oder Gerald direkt oder die Mailingliste Bescheid geben. (via OKFN Austria Mailing list)

Encounter at the crossroads of Europe – the fellowship of Zweig and Verhaeren

- December 11, 2013 in Articles, austria, belgium, Books, Culture & History, Emile Verhaeren, first world war, friendship, Literature, poetry, Stefan Zweig

Stefan Zweig, whose works passed into the public domain this year in many countries around the world, was one of the most famous writers of the 1920s and 30s. Will Stone explores the importance of the Austrian's early friendship with the oft overlooked Belgian poet Emile Verhaeren.

Open Knowledge Foundation Austria MeetUp on Open Transport Data took place on 14.11.2013 in Vienna

- December 2, 2013 in austria, City of Linz, City of Vienna, Events, Featured, OKF-AT, Open Data, Open Transport, open transport data, Opinion, transport information system, Vienna

About 2 weeks ago, on the 14th of November 2013 an Open Knowledge Foundation Austria (OKF-AT) MeetUp took place in the late afternoon with the title & topic: Open Transport (Data). The MeetUp was hosted at Fabasoft (one of the …

Open Knowledge Foundation Austria MeetUp on Open Transport Data took place on 14.11.2013 in Vienna

- December 2, 2013 in austria, City of Linz, City of Vienna, Events, Featured, OKF-AT, Open Data, Open Transport, open transport data, Opinion, transport information system, Vienna

About 2 weeks ago, on the 14th of November 2013 an Open Knowledge Foundation Austria (OKF-AT) MeetUp took place in the late afternoon with the title & topic: Open Transport (Data). The MeetUp was hosted at Fabasoft (one of the bigger Austrian IT vendors) in Vienna, Austria. The idea of this event was to present and discuss the current status of transport information systems in Austria and Open Data / Open Transport as well as to discuss how these sector can become more open and take a look into planned future steps of open transport in Austria.
FOTO: Copyrights: Fabasoft AG; Fotograf: Peter Ehringer
After a short introduction by Helmuth Bronnenmayer (Board Member of OKF-AT) telling the ~ 35 people of the audience about objectives and activities of the Austrian chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation (see slides: the topic of the MeetUp was introduced by Peter Parycek (Danube University Krems) and Robert Harm (open3) by giving an insight in the area of Open Transport in the MeetUp keynote – see: Peter introduced the idea of open transport (data) and showcased the importance to open up transport data to (beside others) enable cross-border mobility services and apps. He also introduced the ODP AT – the Open Data Portal Austria project that develops an open data portal for all data – beside government data – in Austria (science, education, industry, NGO & NPO, citizens, OpenGLAM, et al) that will be launched in May / June 2014.
Following the opening keynote 3 short presentations of the City of Linz, by Egon Pischinger of Linz AG (provider of public transport in the City of Linz) where transport data is open but services / applications are still maintained by the City of Linz (although there are already several apps on Linz data in place today), see his slides: Big discussion with Egon & the audience were on the issue why the Linz AG thinks that there is still a need to create & maintain transport apps by the data providers (by themselves) and not starts to become a pure data provider. Linz AG argued that they do not see really stable maintaintence of the existing open transport apps for Linz these days.
2nd talk was held by Rainer Haslberger of the City of Vienna (see slides: where
transport data is also open in the data catalogue. Rainer explained in a very comprehensive talk the whole landscape of the Austrian transport information- and data system. This mainly consists of A) the GIP System that is the basic infrastructure of all transport / traffic routes in Austria – a system that for the first time brings together all data of these traffic routes accros the 9 provinces of Austria on a centralised national level and that has to be adapted to the INSPIRE directive as a next step (and thereby could (!) become open data also). And B) the VAO – Verkerhsauskunft Österreich = Information System on Traffic & Transport in Austria that puts all the additional information on top of the GIP System as traffic flow, schedules of trains, busses & other public transport et al. This data is NOT open data anyhow at the moment as there are several stakeholders involved in this project with different data sets as public administration as well as companies like the Austrian Broadcasting Company or the Austrian Automotive Club et al. The pitty here is that open data is not even a topic of discussion in the VAO project group at the moment – but possibly the MeetUp as well as following meetings & discussions can change this a bit!
The third presentation was held by Denise Recheid of REEEP about Open Transport Data in Developing Countries, see slides: Denise showcased the huge problems of traffic systems and information in developing countries / mega cities but also pointed out the environmental aspect of these problems regarding e.g. carbon emission.
A comprehensive Q&A session as well as a networking session with catering & drinks completed the OKF-AT MeetUp on Open Transport (Data). So what about the findings of this event? Lets say the information- and data system of Austria in the field seems to be on a good way to be harmonised accross our 9 provinces and also some Cities already provide open transport data (as geoinformation, traffic routes or timetable information) in their respective data catalogues – BUT: A) there is no discussion how open data can change environmental problems of transport data in Austria, B) there are NO plans on how to open up the data of the Austrian central transport information system and C) there are only little thoughts about how to follow standardisation on European level (beside INSPIRE) to enable cross border services on (open) transport data – so a lot work still in front of us!

German Folk Dress (1887)

- September 7, 2012 in austria, costume, folk dress, germany, Images, Images-19th, Images-Illustrations, Images-Painting, Images-People, non-article

Images from Deutsche Volkstrachten, Original-Zeichnungen mit erklärendem Text (1887) by Albert Kretschmer, a book detailing the folk dress of the peoples in areas covering modern day Austria and southern Germany. Albert Kretschmer (1825-1891) was known for his highly detailed drawings, watercolors and lithographs usually in publications detailing varieties of German and international costumes and historical clothing. In addition, he worked until 1889 as a costume designer at the Königliches Schauspielhaus in Berlin. (Wikipedia)

(All images taken from Deutsche Volkstrachten, Original-Zeichnungen mit erklärendem Text housed at the Internet Archive, donated by University of Toronto Libraries – Hat-tip to Old Book Illustrations Scrapbook Blog where we first came across the images).

Austria – Styria (Steiermark)

Austria – Pinzgau

Vorarlberg – Bregenzerwald

Tyrol – Bechthal

Tyrol – Uber Innthal

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