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August Board Meeting for Open Knowledge Australia

- September 7, 2014 in board meeting, Debate, News, open knowledge australia

Notes from board meeting:

  • Intro discussion topic:
    <– Nick, Fiona, Flanders and questions from the board via Etherpad
  • ODI Discussion: “activists vs economists”?
  • Economists: efficiency gains, civil info, etc.
  • Activists: petition signing, transparency of wealthy coporations, etc.
  • 6:03pm start welcome to August meeting
  • 5 items of agenda – timed in one hour
  • activitists vs economists – econ do not play a very imp role; N Gruen presented on open data in Berlin OK Festival  and presented Omidyar netwokr
  • media network – presentation of N Gruen; link available. Omydar report – economic value of open data; estim 16 bil AU; presented this in Berlin; activists
  • activitists’ driven; extractive industries and tax were tackled in the report; public private partnerships example was not previously on people’sradar; more data – benefits in improving productivity 
  • activists would not focus on this 
  • 6:09 Fiona: who should be doing this then?
  • NGruen: not an adversarial agenda; help the world find new ways of tckling issues nit being against what activists are doing; not arguing that we should stop pushing this
  • DFlanders: Any pragmatic actions? Why isn’t the Australian Public commission agenda is not getting involve in this? Why we’re not using dataimprove the quality of teaching in classes?
  • 6:14 Pia runs data company, yes data needs to be out there, but big picture opportunity, government opens up data by defulat andcontinues to deliver services, but creates opportunity for service delivery in market. Which creates more opportunities for society, industry, government.
  •  Shifting persepctive from government centric.
  • 6:16 Steven went to Berlin saw activities. technical and community level OKF can help join different conversations together to produce a single message.
  • 6:17 Marcus, research community perspective, sensitivty for an educator. There is a gap in communication, needs skiils and awareness to take advantage of data.
  • what issues can it highlight, what can the data solve? We need to demonstrate the benefits of opening up data in australia.
  • 6:19 Fiona, how do we make the leap from govhack on a weekend to something that can be useful long term. We need to show benefits long term.
  • 6:19 Anne was at NSW Govt Innovation roundtable, they want to do it but worried aboutu quality of data, not sure how to do it, what is the best format, dont know how to engage with community, need pull from commercials and community to know what they want to do so they can prioritise release.  Need to engage with these stakeholder groups and identify what they want in order to prioritise the release
  • hackers
  • community
  • industry etc
  • 6:21 Michael, sounds like evidence-based policy development being developed in vacuum, NICTA engaged with education in using data analysis in the curriculum
  • 6:22 Nick to sum up, Britain taking lead in this area, open data institute, run something that is going to talk about open data to raise all these questions
  • My data is UK initiative liquifying rather than opening data, put in secure repository and controlling it 
  • investment advisors, can we find a good one over a bad one? No and yet building a system would be easy
  • Item no.1: Secretary Handover & Responsibilities): <– Laura, Ana, Michael, 
  • Ana (thank you and best wishes) => Laura 
  • 6.26  Vote of thanks to Ana, welcome to Laura Thomas; formally  acknowledged  by Nic, and Pia
  • Laura to take over the work for OK incorporation
  • Paperwork for incorporation (agenda item no.
  • Maintaining the Contacts “Rolodex D/B” of Ambassadors, Board Members, etc.
  • Scheduling Board Meetings, Meeting notes, etc.
  • Liaise with co-secretary Flanders for tech support on meetings/agenda, etc.
  • Coordinate volunteers around web
  • Ambassador orientation.
  • Item no.2: Incoporation of “Open Knowledge Foundation – Australia” in Vic, etc.
  • Incorporation using a UniMelb address for location, UniMelb has agreed.
  • Vote of agreement
  • 6:28 Nick,incorpoation agreement, we will be in Victoria, can still incorpoate in other place. Everyone gives a thumbs up to this. We have an agreement.  
  • Item no.3: Pia Waugh to update on GovHack
  • Recruitment of Ambassadors from GovHack community and afterglow of event <– the small drum beats.
  • OKFN+NiCTA partnership for GovHack event managers and community managers?
  • It is growing rapidly, a lot of interest for next year including a lot of sponsors, a lot of hackers excited. A lot of lessons learnt, we exepct it will be bigger next year. A few core outomes, hoping to have a $10,000 surplus, but dont because of awards, may be more like $3,000. Pia to provide report on this. Cost blow outs generally around the red carpet awards. Full financial report will be provided. Meeting 8 october 6pm start 2-3 hour duration. Any one can be involved. Happy with it achiving what it should be achieving. Putting friendly pressure on agents to open up data. People will have smething to compare it against. We outsoucred a lot, NICTA plus 2 liaison roles. Ended up about 20 sponsors from national. 11 teams did push us so we can automate as much as possible to take burden off local organisers. Pia to share lessons learnt   If interested. Red carpett awaards went very well. Overall very happy with how it is going. Internaational conference want to run events alongside ours..
Question from Anne Cregan:  The hacks have shown incredible potential to produce valuable functionality to the community in many diverse ways.  How do we plan to assist to realise that value through getting those apps out where they are most needed?  eg intros to Govt agencies, obtaining venture capital, etc
Comment from Fiona: In Victoria, Technology Innovation Fund is going to make up to $140k available for investment to carry forward promising hacks. We’re aiming to get at least 3 projects thru the process and to a viable project
put  a lot of thought longeevity,, we dont want iit to bbecaome oout of control.  but we have talked about economic opportunitiess  to be involved in community oppportunities  There is a longevity page on the GovHack site, please add any ideas to it.  
There is also a showcase of use cases.   WHERE? PLEASE ADD LINK HERE
Anne, that’s yet to come – teams could indicate whether they were happy to go onto a data portal as a use case (eg
  • Item no.4: Website and New Brand? <– Flanders 
  • From CEO Laura James: “On acronyms and abbreviations – we’d like to stop using all of these and just say “Open Knowledge”.  We know there has been lots of confusion around abbreviations (OKF, OKFN, OKNF, etc) and they are all quite hard to understand for people who don’t know us. So we will start to say “Open Knowledge” in full :)  (although we will still have OKFestival and OKCon, which we think aren’t confusing in the same way)”
  • 6:39 Nick all  looks fine
  • David 6:41  we should acceept the logo and neww brandding; llso it would be called OK Australiaa
  • Item no5: 1xKeyActivity Happening in each city (text based update below from board members, i.e. please enter a quick description and link if you have it), such as any new ambassadors, events that have happened or are going to happen, any news or politics, any money being made available, any open topic (not just open government / data), etc.
  • 6::443  peeople adding news  items for their locations
  • Canberra: Lots of activity within Govt Agencies who are looking at various data publishing tasks for their various datasets.
  • Sydney:New Ambassadors? Kelvin Nicholson is a new ambassador, we have invited two Thoughtworks people who organised ran GovHack to become ambassadors also.Preparing for HealthHack, connecting with OpenAustralia community who have a large presence in Sydney
  • Melbourne HealthHack 24-6 October; Steve Bennett undertaking hacker in residence role in Vic Gov in partnership wiht Code for Aus; planning a training for City of Melb and UniMelb staff
  • relaunched on CKAN this month.
  • Brisbane – lots on all the time as usual – Anna’s both doing/participating in open events every week, looking at 2 more ambassadors here (1 marketing/comms, 1 geek), hoping they respond to our ‘looks’. Anna D wants to leave open the option of inc in Qld too for fund raising via NICTA as per GovHack(?). Last week: book sprint. Next week – Anna D is at Qld Govt open communities hack kickoff Fri. (cf Premer awards), and we’re all ‘Drinking about Open’ Thurs night. OA week coming up Oct20-26 – lotsa events/opportunities for that and interweaving OK into them as appropriate.  More specifically/tangential, liking this simple back of envelope calculation of learning outcomes/$ of open resources: Anna G also v.busy & needs a break!  gotta go to a meeting, AnnaD 
  • Hobart: Richard Tubb recovering from GovHack but doing lots of speaking engagements and mentioning Open Knowledge; looking for ambassadors
  • Adelaide: Further queries from the local government there.
  • Perth: Still looking for some new ambassadors
  • Item no.6: AOB
  • Please provide a “+1″ vote for any topic below you would like to discuss for the next meeting below, also feel free to leave a comment or add your own.
Suggested items of discussion for OKF Australia board meetings:
  • GovHack 2014 and steps forward – Pia 
  • Plans to connect hackers with government departments who may be interested in the functionality, venture capitalists for commercially oriented apps, etc
  • Nicholas Gruen – summary of recent talks on open data, eGov and Gov 2.0
  • NSW Innovation and Open Data Initiative – there will be an EOI in early September which will be open for 4 weeks+1probably too late to discuss next month? Yes – if anyone has thoughts please add them below!
  • technical recommendation for how to  make data  usefull, find out what they want – there’s some good wisdom coming out of Pia’s working group bringing together agencies around, setting standards for various agencies/aspects.
Anne can you make a recommendation re what you’d like to do given you’re most across the program & what they might be looking for?
  • - how can OKFN best advise/assist?  There will be a public call for EoIs in early September.  Some of the possibilities:
  • Technical recommendation on formats, schemas, platforms etc to use – what is best practice?
  • What has worked well overseas that might provide some insights?  eg ODI, OKF in other countries, etc
  • Can we co-ordinate a “response from hackers” to inform government as to hackers needs and wants:
  • what data do they want Government to provide and how do they want it provided to them for best hackability?
Resolution: Anne C will prepare some ideas for moving forward with an EoI to NSW State Gov and will seek the Board and OK Community’s input via the list.  Fiona will share a previous policy submission to Vic Govt
  • HealthHack from Maia:
  • - HealthHack is a national event with sites in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, the national website will be up on, a collaboration between OKFN and Health Informatics Society  
  • - We’d love any help with connecting with sponsors and researchers as problem owners
  • In the News <– Potentially interesting things for start of board call debate?
  • G20 Report Launch, transparency debate, etc.
  • the eGov agenda (gov’t doing things for/to people) vs. Gov 2.0 (gov’t doing things with people)
  • Melbourne conversation re Smaller government bigger economy?
  • Code4Aus “Hacker in Residence” programme funded. +1 +1
  • OpenScience workshops a success
  • Open Tech Community Breakfasts in Melbourne, bringing together various “open” communities like RHOK, Code4Aus, etc.
  • Bidding for Funds (once OKF Aus has legal status) +1+1+1
  • Google Impact Challenge
  • Open Source Hardware community?
  • Data Jornalism Community? +1+1+1
  • Communication channels discussion?
  • Open Knowledge Festival Berlin
  • AsiaPacific OKFestival, lead by Open Knowledge Australia? +1
  • Coding in schools
  • Invite some more useful people to join us – a suggestion that came in as we were signing off – worth leaving on the list – NG
Anne C: Would just like to informally note I am wearing purple and writing in purple here to show my personal support for “Wear it Purple” day – Friday August 30.  Celebrating rainbow young people “Everyone has the right to be proud of who they are.”
  Notes from chat window:

Flanders:18:04 Please do ask questions as Nick presents this debate


Fiona:18:07 Who do you see taking this work forward, Nick?

Flanders:18:11 We’ll doa quick whip around to get a sentence or two from each board member on this?

Flanders:18:11 please hold up your hand if you want to comment

Flanders:18:11 we’ll do five more minutes on this

Flanders:18:13 going to Steeven next

Flanders:18:13 then Marcus,

Flanders:18:13 then Fiona

Flanders:18:13 then Anne

Flanders:18:14 Ok?

Flanders:18:14 ;-)

Steven De Costa:18:14 yep

Fiona:18:20 All the classic reasons then… :)

Flanders:18:21 Pia Waugh 6:20 PM The team have released a Government Data Toolkit (with Dept of Comms) to assist data custodians to identify, manage and publish data. with the guide at

Fiona:18:27 No objections to thanks to Ana!

Evan Hill:18:28 Hello All !

Fiona:18:28 Keep in touch,

Flanders:18:28 Welcome Ivan

Flanders:18:28 please watch the youtube stream of teh call

Flanders:18:28 and comment/quesiton here


Steven De Costa:18:29Confirm, agreed. +1

Fiona:18:31 GovHack report available here:

Evan Hill:18:38 Could GovHack partner with CMU in Adelaide?

Fiona:18:39 Would suggest you take it up with the local Unleashed team

Steven De Costa:18:41 no concerns

Evan Hill:18:42 Happy to chat with CMU and get them onside

Fiona:18:42 looks like Antarctica to me

Fiona:18:45 @Evan sounds like a plan!

Flanders:18:46 if people could put a +1 net to the ones they would like to talk about

Flanders:18:47 let’s also go around to each member as a last round robin

Flanders:18:47 Anne first>

Flanders:18:47 then fiona

Flanders:18:47 then markus

Flanders:18:47 then michael

Flanders:18:47 then steven?

Laura:18:53 MMy keyboard is not reaally workiing very weell at the moment ssorryy so II woont take any moore nootes sorrry!

Flanders:18:54 if someone could help take notes for poor Laura keyboard :(

Steven De Costa:18:55 thanks folks

OKF (Australia) Board Meeting

- April 24, 2014 in board meeting, Featured, govhack, healthhack, News, OGP, okfnau, Open Government Partnership, Open Knowledge Foundation

“A Season for Open Knowledge Advocacy in Australia” was kicked off last night with the first of five board meetings for the newly minted members of this years Open Knowledge Foundation Board. The next Board Meeting will be on June 25th at 6pm (Melbourne Time), the public broadcast and a public forum chat window will be announced via our twitter: Below are some highlight from the Boards call last night:
  • Chairman Nicholas Gruen alludes to a forthcoming report on how Australia has fallen behind the economic advantages of Open Data.
  • Shadow Chairs Dr. Fiona Tweedie and Dr. Maia Sauren request further “Health Hack” events to take place around the country building on the previous successful #HealthHack which took place at the end of last year.  The pattern which GovHack has established as a national event provides real opportunities to further the open cause beyond the government sector, including Open Health Data for the Health Sector, Open Scholarship for the Academic Sector, etc.
  • Secretary to the Board, Ana Belgun updated the Board on the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ which is being setup by NICTA to be signed by the Boards of OKF-Global and OKF-Australia.
  • Webmaster for OKF Australia Steven De Costa provided an update on GovHack, and a discussion around the importance of a ‘Red Carpet’ event which the OKF Board would like to see awards given to not only GovHack winners but champions and ambassadors around Australasia who are furthering the Open Knowledge cause.
  • Chairman Nicholas Gruen will be attending the Open Knowledge Festival in Germany to meet with other international Open Knowledge Advocates.
  • Shadow Chair Dr. Fiona Tweedie will be attending the ‘Open Government Partnership’ Summit.
  • Discussion on recruiting more Ambassadors along the lines of what Melbourne has achieved (7 Ambassadors -both local and topic- are now regularly pushing forward Open in Melbourne and abroad).  Melbourne challenges its sister chapters to do the same.
  • Chair of the OKF Working Group for the GovHack Community, Pia Waugh will further update the Board on opportunities for recruiting new Ambassadors through GovHack.
The next Board Meeting will be on June 25th at 6pm (Melbourne Time) Public Broadcast of OKF (Australia) Board Meeting =====================================================
Open Knowledge Foundation Australia board Meeting 24 April 2014.
  1. Welcome from the Chair
  2. Update on recent change to board membership: active members, advisory members
  3. Update on progress of MOU with OKF Central
  4. Update on upcoming & recent events around Australia and any requests for support [suggest this to be standing item - maia]
  5. Funding for local chapters and activities: Pia Waugh has advised that they expect $5k-10k to be available post GovHack to support local groups. How should groups apply for this funding and how should it be allocated, given the uneven levels of activity at present?
  6. Contact with related groups (Creative Commons, EFA, AOASG, G20 (Qld?) etc): Suggestion that the Board should contact groups with similar interests in Australia to introduce ourselves and indicate that we are interested in cooperation not competition
  7. OKFN New Zealand: How should we interact with the Open groups in NZ, is there any interest in developing links or forming a Au/NZ partnership?
  8. OK Festival attendance/ sponsorship: There have been enquiries about attending OK Fest in Germany and whether we are able to provide any travel bursaries
  9. Open Government partnership (email from Peter Timmins): Peter Timmins got in contact and asked what, if anything, OKFNau is planning to do to forward
  10. Any other business; a.) Ana visiting Flanders in Melbourne on 15 May to do Secretary duties handover.
  11. Dates for Board Calls (all at 6pm): June 25th, Aug 27th, Oct 29th, {Nov “end of season” wrapup meeting}
  12. Website updates
  13. Close
NOTES (Secretary to the Board: Ana Belgun, tech support David F. Flanders):
Welcome to the Open Knowledge Foundation Australia Board Meeting – welcome from the chair of the board
Attending: David Flanders, Maia Sauren, James Kliemt, Steven De Costa, Ana Belgun, Fiona Tweedie, Nicholas Gruen
going live – starting broadcast at 6:03pm
Agenda item no. 1:
  • welcome everybody
  • board membership update
Agenda item no. 2:
  • OKF Au has a Board: Chair – N Gruen, Co-Chairs: Fiona and Maia (time sharing) – heavily involved in OKFN
  • Actual Board Members and Advisory members
Agenda item no. 3:
  • MoU with OK Central – Ana and Michael wil provide an update; recent discussion with Laura James CEO of OKFN Central
  • Ok Australia will have an agreement with OK F Central (UK)
  • there is any issue with the activity of OK Australia; there is a need to formalise the structure of the organisation to develop its activities an and fund raising
  • MoU: how is it that OK Au operate; MoU will bring agreement to relationship between OKFau and OKFCentral, and will give OKFau ability to behave as legal entity, e.g. fundraise. NICTA kindly and generously perform secreterial & admin functions.  MoU first draft coming next week? – been difficult to get a hold of decisionmakers over holidays
  • NICTA and eGov cluster is working on options available for Ok Australia to become a Chapter of OK Central
Agenda item no.4:
  • Mark from Omidyar? asked Lateral Economics to see if they can bring up Open Data as a topic around G20, as an argument to increase economic activity ? output ? by 2%
  • Gov releasing data is a very good resource; compelling report to give Omidyar; open data = large agenda and Lateral Economics is supposed to come up with an analysis of that; the report will be open?
  • Should have the Board of OKF taken into consideration this type of work? maybe it could create a consolidation of the work done of OKF  in the community
  • David and Fiona had a previous conversation with OK Central about this report and it was considered that it wasn’t the type of work OKF could take at that stage; none of the board members at that time had the time and energy to complete that (not turning into  lobby group before we had the capacity)
  • Maybe in the future, when we are better organised as a group, we could take on such work
  • It is a good basis for future discussion about what is our OK Australia role
  • Fiona would go to the Open Government Partneship Conference in Indonesia; we would like to advance the Open Data agenda in relation to G20 (
  • Worth investigating why Australia is not yet part of the Open Government Partnership; one of the leading countries in open data internationally
  • Nicholas would like to mention that ‘turning up’ at G20 and promoting the open data is a great opportunity to influence; he will be present in Brisbane during G20 event; he would hold an un-conference type of event
  • GovHack: meeting last night 23 April; things are on track from the national perspective; maybe at the end of GovHack it would be possible to contribute 5-10K towards the OK Australia budget; already 300 participants registered so far; most local ambassadors are already committed to organising GovHack in their cities
  • Melbourne events: Data Hack?  recently ; finalised a date 25 Oct  for Health Hack event; last year was successful and if more people are interested in organising in their cities, that would be great; Community Drinks – 21 May; Ambassadors Meeting – ? May
  • Omidyar has been commissioned by OK Central to see how Chapters are organised and what they do etc.
  • Maia has provided information on what the OK Au group is doing in Australia
  • Maia and Fiona have done an amazing job in recruiting ambassadors and maybe that could be encouraged in other cities as well
Agenda Item no. 5:
  • Fiona: how post-GovHack money can help the local groups organise events; what will be the most equitable way to distribute the funds and organise events? what is the best way to divide the money?
  • Maia: it might be good to have the occasional meetings with the ambassadors to share ideas and experiences (we have templates for how to run some events)
  • Steve: 1) nominations and requests for funding might be a way; requests would be accompanied by blog posts about the events; 2) smaller $ to help support small events – like subsidies to keep the community going; 3) awards a week before the Red CarpectGov Hack for the best contribution (not big $, but big recognition)
  • David: where is the Red Carpet and maybe the awards could be OKF AU awards
  • Steve: now there is work done with budgets, sships etc. There is a petition from Brisbane to organise it there; once that is confirmed, we can discuss about awards
  • Steve or Pia to report on what is confirmed about Red Carpet
  • Maia: 10k may last a year (based on the experience we have here in Melbourne): inform the board and ask for support
  • David: participate at a Board Meeting and convince that the event should be funded; definitely the blog and photos should be the default
  • Nicholas Gruen: it’s like a policy/procedure – goes to the Board which deliberates
  • Steve: will draft a list of options
Agenda Item no.6:
  • identify organisations which coould cross collaborate
  • Steve: the size of the organisations is not very important
  • Cross endorsement policy – on the website – to communicate the position – Maia will action on this
Agenda Item no.7:
  • NZ partneship: there are very interesting groups there; maybe not formally organised as OKF ANZ yet
  • Fiona: pursuing any opportunity to collaborate informally might be a better idea that create a formal organisation, at leats until we consolidate our Au organisation
  • Maia; would suggest the groups to consider the OK Au in their activities
  • Nick: NZ doing interesting open knowledge stuff, e.g.
Agenda Item no.8:
  • OK Festival in Berlin: Nicholas Gruen will attend
  • Fiona: maybe the budget should be invested in the local groups rather than spending on the international travel
  • David: if somebody would devoute their time in going and representing the OK Aus would be great
  • Steve: maybe could be an Australian contingent who could represent the OK AU
  • David: to be contacted by the people who go there to introduce to the contacts in Europe; Nicholas Gruen will be introduced by David F and also anybody else should send a bio and their intentions when going there
  • Steve: maybe we could find an organisation which could sponsor somebody;
  • N Gruen: agreed
Agenda Item no.9:
  • as an organisation, being busy with local events, and cannot dedicate time to respond; Steve will action the response
Agenda Item no.10:
  • 15 May – possible visit Michael and Ana – to meet with David, Maia, Fiona, Nicholas
  • Board meetings: Last Thursday of every second month; 6-7pm
  • December could be replaced by Jul-Aug around GovHack
  • No need to have an extra meeting in Jul
  • Wait until Oct and see if we need another meeting in December
Agenda Item no.11
  • Website updates: Steve is the web master; he will send updates and report at each Board meeting
  • Thank you
  • Bye
Public OKF Pad Chat Window:

Flanders:17:03 This chat window is for general public comments

Flanders:17:17 this is the general public

Flanders:17:17 chat window

Flanders:17:19 here

Ana:17:19 test

Flanders:17:19 general public

Flanders:17:19 Maia will watch this chat window

Flanders:17:19 to pass through questions

James:17:19 All of this page is public

Flanders:17:24 public chat window

Flanders:17:56 this chat window is fo rthepublic

Steven De Costa:18:03shoutout if you are following the public chat :)

Fiona:18:04 Hello there :)

maia:18:05 hello unnamed :)

Steven De Costa:18:06 Hi Folks :) Add your name via the ‘show users’ at the top right

Steven De Costa:18:06 if you want to ;)

Steven De Costa:18:12 Clear :)

Flanders:18:17 fantastic to hear Nic’s announcement re economic arguments

maia:18:23 This is the conference Fiona is invited speaker at:

Steven De Costa:18:27 Take a look at

Steven De Costa:18:28Venues (so far):

Flanders:18:28 healthHack is going to happen the 25th of october! – if you’re interested in organising in your city please get in touch

Flanders:18:33 There has been real success in events which are pan-Australia a la GovHack…

Flanders:18:33 a model there to do the same for things like HealthHack?

Flanders:18:34 +1 Steve re reciprocation

maia:18:34 would LOVE govhack-like healthhack!

Flanders:18:34 proof of the pudding is the blog post and pictures after the event

Flanders:18:35 love the golden globes / red carpet event idea!

Steven De Costa:19:00thanks to all!

Board Chat Window Conversation:
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Steven De Costa
6:07 PM
btw – Pia gives her apology, but she isn’t ‘on the board’, as such. will mention under other business.
Fiona Tweedie
6:10 PM
Flanders my connection is a bit wonky – might be better to leave camera off
6:11 PM
I’ll monitor
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6:25 PM
we are almost half way through the call.
Nicholas Gruen
6:28 PM
Can anyone fill me in on the difference between this chat and the chat comments that come up in black boxes on my browser – and then disappear?
Steven De Costa
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this one is Board only
other is public
Nicholas Gruen
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Where do I find the record of the other chat – all I get is the occasoinal comment that comes up and then fades away – leaving no trace!
Steven De Costa
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i think, click to expant the chat – bottom right of that window
Fiona Tweedie
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@Nicholas open it in the bottom RH corner of the notepad
6:41 PM
twenty minutes left
Ana Belgun
6:41 PM
For Steve: there is a model of small grants on Linux Australia
same issue – funding events and activities
6:41 PM
we’ve had success in this here in Melb
Nicholas Gruen
6:42 PM
Thanks Fiona
6:42 PM
as Pia used to say: we are an upsidedown umbrella community
wherever two or more are gathered
do we have named NZ conacts
are there NZ ambassadors
its easy for us to call ourselves OKF Austrasia
Nicholas Gruen
6:45 PM
NZNEW ZEALAND is ahead of us on 2 league ladders of open knowledge
6:45 PM
Nicholas Gruen
6:45 PM
Fiona Tweedie
6:54 PM
Also check Sean Parnell’s twitter stream
Article is paywalled but others may have access
6:58 PM
2 minutes left