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W. B. O’Shaughnessy and the Introduction of Cannabis to Modern Western Medicine

- April 19, 2017 in calcutta, cannabis, colonial science, colonialism, first trials medical marijuana, india, marijuana, medical cannabis, medical marijuana, Science & Medicine, weed

Cataleptic trances, enormous appetites, and giggling fits aside, W. B. O'Shaughnessy's investigations at a Calcutta hospital into the potential of medical marijuana — the first such trials in modern medicine — were largely positive. Sujaan Mukherjee explores the intricacies of this pioneering research and what it can tell us more generally about the production of knowledge in colonial science.

The Calcutta Pococurante Society: Public and Private in India’s Age of Reform

- August 17, 2016 in Bengal, British Empire, British Raj, calcutta, Calcutta Pococurante Society, colonialism, Culture & History, india, kol, Kolkata, private, public, societies, supplement

Joshua Ehrlich on an obscure text found on the shelves of a Bengali library and the light it sheds on the idea of the public in 19th-century Calcutta.