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Open Knowledge Greece Summer 2016 Update

- September 13, 2016 in Chapter updates, Greece, network

This blog post is part of our summer series featuring updates from chapters across the Open Knowledge Network and was written by the team of Open Knowledge Greece. Open Knowledge Greece consists of a dynamic team of community members who are interested in open data, linked data technologies, and coding and who do their best to apply scientific results into everyday community activities. The chapter also occupies staff positions, specifically four (4) temporary employees and at least six (6) ad-hoc appointments, among which include programmers and journalists.
The last few months have been a period rich in activities where the chapter has achieved great results. The main success has been the high participation of the chapter in the OGP Greek Action Plan negotiation, by organizing workshops and events targeting the commitment of the government to open data initiatives. First of all, OK Greece was present at the event in which the progress report by Openwise was presented and the discussion of the new action plan initiated. greece2Furthermore, OK Greece co-organized the event “Open Government: Participate, Propose and Be Heard! Conformation of the Third National Action Plan 2016-2018”, a successful event where proposals for the third action plan were made by citizens and different stakeholders. This event was very important for promoting and strengthening open governance and open data. Alongside the event OK Greece submitted its own commitments, three (3) of which have been incorporated into the new action plan: the organization of the School of Data for public servants, as well as, of the Open Data Index for cities and local administrations and the operation of a platform for Linked, Open and Participatory Budgets Other events and activities of OK Greece include:
  • The consultation of the Greek Ministry of Education on open data issues.
  • The co-organisation of the 1st Data Workshop “Data Driven World” in order to introduce data to people from different sectors, active participation in the event “Investigative Data Journalism: Learning by doing- The Football Tax in Greece”.
Moreover, the chapter is implementing the project funded by the Horizon 2020 program of the European Commission, which aims to develop a platform for supporting financial transparency for the public sector. In this project, OK Greece has undertaken the development of the platform integration and the implementation of the interface and visualizations. greece3In the scientific domain, the chapter has achieved important publications in journals and conferences (e.g. Journal of biomedical semantics, Journal of Smart Cities, Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies, Semantics Conference, Nordic Data Journalism Conference NODA16)
The Future The fall and winter 2016-2017 is expected to be fruitful in events and collaborations as well. The new website of Open Knowledge Greece is about to be launched, the GitHub Open Knowledge Greece is becoming strongly active , and other initiatives are commencing aiming to attract new members in the open knowledge community. In parallel, the chapter endeavors to attain funding from additional research and innovation projects, as there are not fixed incomes and most activities are currently performed on a voluntary basis.   Finally, OK Greece is getting ready to host major global events for Open Knowledge communities, and the team will be very happy to welcome friends, colleagues, co-workers in Greece! greece5 To read more about Open Knowledge Greece visit their website. Learn more about the Open Knowledge Network by visiting the Open Knowledge International website.  

Open Knowledge Switzerland Summer 2016 Update

- August 24, 2016 in Chapter updates, Chapters, network, OK Switzerland, Open Data

The first half of 2016 was a very busy one for the Open Knowledge Swiss chapter, Just between April to June the chapter had 3 Hackathons, 15 talks, 3 meetups and 10 workshops. In this blog post we highlight some of these activities to update the Open Knowledge Community about our chapter’s work.   Main projects Our directors worked on relaunching the federal Open Government Data portal and its new online handbook. We gathered and published datasets and ran workshops in support of various hackdays – and we migrated and improved our web infrastructure with better support of the open Transport API (handling up to 1.7 Mio requests per day!).   FOJ_1238Main events We held our annual conference in June, ran energy-themed hackdays in April and ran an OpenGLAM hackathon in July. Additionally, we supported two smaller regional hackathons in the spring, and a meetup on occasion of Open Data Day.   Challenges Like other organisations in this space, our main challenge is redefining our manifesto and restructuring our operations to become a smoother running chapter that is more responsive to the needs of our members and community. This restructuring continues to be a challenge that we are learning from – and need to learn more about.   2nd_Swiss_Open_Cultural_Data_Hackathon,_openingSuccesses Our media presence and public identity continues to be stronger than ever. We are involved in a wide range of political and inter-organizational activities in support of diverse areas of openness, and in general we are finding that our collective voice is stronger and our messages better received everywhere we go.   Governance We have had several retreats with the board to discuss changes in the governance and to welcome new directors: Catherine Pugin (,, Martin Grandjean ( and Alexandre Cotting ( We are primarily working on a better overall organizational structure to support our community and working groups: starting and igniting new initiatives will be the next step. Among them will be the launch of business-oriented advocacy group called “Swiss Data Alliance”.   DSC_0437 Looking ahead We will soon announce a national program on food data, which includes hackdays and a funded follow-up/incubation phase for prototypes produced. And we are busy setting up a hackathon at the end of September with international scope and support called Hack for Ageing Well. Follow #H4AW for more info. We are excited about upcoming cross-border events like #H4AW and Jugend Hackt, opening doors to development and research collaborations. Reach out through the Open Knowledge forums and we’ll do our best to connect you into the Swiss community!