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Selection from Wellcome Library’s release of 100k openly licensed images

- January 20, 2014 in collections, Digital Copy: Attribution, history of medicine, Images, Images-15th, Images-16th, Images-17th, Images-18th, Images-19th, Images-Science, Underlying Work: PD Worldwide, Wellcome Library

This morning the Wellcome Library announced its release of 100,000 of its historical images under an open license (CC-BY – meaning they are free for any re-use provided that the Wellcome Library is credited). The range and quality of the images released is phenomenal. The collection covers more than a thousand years of imagery relating to the history of medicine, including manuscripts, paintings, etchings, early photography and advertisements – from medieval Persian anatomy to the satirical prints of Rowlandson and Gillray. This move by the Wellcome is yet another recent example of a hugely respected institution releasing digitisations of its public domain content under an open license – with the last 6 months seeing The Getty and The British Library making similar moves. It’s a really promising sign of a more general shift toward opening up public domain content that we’ve seen taking place in the cultural sector over the last couple of years. Wonderful stuff! This selection from Wellcome’s release that we’ve chosen below is from just the first 1% of the 100,000 images made available. Remember, all are published under an CC-BY license so, if re-using, you must credit the “Wellcome Library, London”. Just click on the images […]

Émile Cohl’s Fantasmagorie (1908)

- September 26, 2013 in animation, collections, Digital Copy: Attribution, early animation, early cartoon, Émile Cohl, Film: 1900s, Films, Films: Animation, Films: Clip, Internet Archive, Underlying Work: PD Worldwide

An animated film by French caricaturist, cartoonist and animator Émile Cohl. It is one of the earliest examples of hand-drawn animation, and considered by many film historians to be the very first animated cartoon.

Visual nation making and forgetting

- September 3, 2013 in CC, Christopher Wilhelm Eckersberg, collections, Curator's Choice, danish golden age, denmark, Digital Copy: Attribution, eckersberg, Images, Images-18th, Images-19th, Images-Landscapes, Images-Painting, L.A. Ring, National Gallery of Denmark, Nicolai Abildgaard, Painting, Underlying Work: PD Worldwide

CURATOR’S CHOICE #3: HENRIK HOLM FROM THE NATIONAL GALLERY OF DENMARK Henrik Holm, curator at the National Gallery of Denmark, looks at the making of the Danish painting canon and its relation to the construction of a national identity. The selection of Danish artworks that the Statens Museum for Kunst, the National Gallery of Denmark, has released for free download in high resolution (under a CCBY-license) offers a good case for taking a critical look at how national identity is constructed. One of the images in this collection is the painting often claimed by Danish art historians to represent the birth of a truly Danish kind of art – A View through Three of the Northwestern Arches of the Third Storey of the Colosseum in Rome. It was created by Christopher Wilhelm Eckersberg, the artist known as “The Father of Danish Painting”, inspiring as he did the so-called Golden Age of Danish painting. At the heart of Eckersberg’s work, and this Golden Age he inspired, was the practise of making sketches out in the open, en plein air, a practice made popular by the Parisian school of painter and revolutionary Jacques-Louis David, of which Eckersberg was a pupil, and later […]

Engravings from a French Ice-Skating Manual (1813)

- August 20, 2013 in collections, dance, Digital Copy: Attribution, France, ice-skating, Images, Images-19th, Images-Engraving-Line, Images-People, sport, Underlying Work: PD Worldwide, Villanova Digital Library

Coloured engravings from France’s first ice-skating manual Le Vrai Patineur (The True Skater) written by Jean Garcin, a book praised in Honoré de Balzac’s Illusions Perdues. As well as the aide of eight engraved plates, four of which are featured here, the manual details many movements and poses, putting an emphasis on artistry and grace in contrast to the more straightforward technical approach usually practised in England. The book is considered to be one of the earliest works in any language devoted entirely to ice-skating. Villanova Digital Library Underlying Work: PD Worldwide | Digital Copy: Share Alike Download: Right click on image or see source for higher res versions HELP TO KEEP US AFLOAT The Public Domain Review is a not-for-profit project and we rely on support from our readers to stay afloat. If you like what we do then please do consider making a donation. We welcome all contributions, big or small - everything helps! Become a Patron Small angel : £3.00 GBP - monthly Medium sized hero : £5.00 GBP - monthly Large emperor : £10.00 GBP - monthly Vast deity : £20.00 GBP - monthly Make a one off Donation SIGN UP TO THE NEWSLETTER Sign up […]