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Creating an online discussion, knowledge sharing, voting and project development platform.

- May 7, 2012 in democracy, direct, e-democracy, forum, project -> related projects, general information and principles -> my personal concept, ideas and mockups How could we build a discussion platform to solve complex and international problems? How could the structure of discussions on complex problems be translated to an online interface in order for a community to collaborate on solving those problems? I think our world needs an online governance platform. A platform which allows people to facilitate, discuss, mediate, structure, build up and understand issues, solutions and knowledge. A collaborative platform where everyone could work on policy and debate and make things happen. This could be all areas: personal, community, political, corporate and organisational, NGO and non-profit governance. The idea is to weigh, discuss, structure and mediate projects/questions/problems that arrive from a community-based website comparable to, yet more complex than Quora. I'm developing a workflow which could serve as an example. Please let me know if you'd like to join the brainstorm. Skype: erikwillekens 0486 66 10 84