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Stop Driving Us Crazy! (1959)

- August 15, 2015 in aliens, driving, martians, Religion, safety

A strange driver's education film combining religion and sci-fi in the form of Rusty, a Martian who comes to Earth to explore the planet because his own is running out of oxygen.

Guess the Celeb behind the Driving Garb (1906)

- May 9, 2012 in driving, fashion, femina, France, headwear, Images, Images-20th, Images-People, Images-Photography, Images: Miscellaneous, non-article

Images from a 1906 issue of the French women’s magazine Femina, the first of it’s kind in France and which is still going today. These strange array of pictures are from a competition in which the readers were asked to identify the famous female ‘artistes’ of the day obscured behind a bizarre variety of women’s driving headwear. We at the PDR are not having much luck getting a single one. Can you fare any better?

(All images via Wikimedia Commons).

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