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Open Knowledge Night: Disinformation and fact checking with Faktabaari

- April 25, 2019 in Events, Featured

How can investigative journalism and data tools work together? If you’re interested in using data analytics skills, learning about tools used in journalism and data journalism, or just understanding how mis- and disinformation can be detected, this evening is for you!
OKFI and Faktabaari are organising this event together!
Date: Tuesday, May 7th
Time: 5pm onwards
Place: Päivälehden museo, Helsinki Sign up at (link to appear shortly) Starting this spring, fact checking service Faktabaari focuses more on carrying out investigations against online disinformation. To make it possible, tools are needed. Faktabaari has acquired Trendolizer for finding out what is trending on the web and for tracking sources. Trendolizer is a creation of Belgian fact checking wizard Maarten Schenk, also behind fact checking site Lead Stories. Faktabaari also has requested access for a platform of the European Observatory against Disinformation. The platform is based on Truly Media which is co-developed by ATC and Deutsche Welle and verification tool TruthNest. These kind of tools have been acquired primarily because of EU elections, but it is good to look beyond them. Fact check, investigative journalism and data experts will certainly have common interests, they just have to find them. Tentative program:
  • Short introduction to fact checking and related tools
  • Knowledge crystals as potential tools for crowdsourced fact checking
  • Data analytics and open data tools for fact checking
  • Networking and idea generation
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Open Knowledge Foundation community meet up at csv,conf,v4

- April 16, 2019 in #CSVconf, Events

  • When: May 7th, 5-7pm
  • Location: Eliot Center, Portland, OR
  • Cost: Free; pizza & beverages available
Join Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF) for a community event the night before csv,conf,v4! This meet and greet happy hour will feature lightning talks on open projects, designated networking time, and pizza. We invite OKF community members to submit ideas for short lightning talks (5 minutes maximum). Do you want to give a talk, but aren’t already a member of the OKF community? No problem! We are an inclusive community of Open enthusiasts (open data, open science, open source, open government, etc), and the evening is open to anyone who wants to share their ideas. Come learn more about what we do, the open projects our members are working on, ways to get involved with an open project, and meet others! This event is open to all (including csv,conf,v4 attendees as well as other open enthusiasts).     More about csv,conf,v4 csv,conf is a community conference for data makers everywhere, bringing diverse groups together to discuss data topics, and featuring stories about data sharing and data analysis from science, journalism, government, and open source. It takes place from May 8-9 2019 at the Eliot Center in Portland, Oregon. More information on the program is available from the website, and you can still get your conference tickets on Eventbrite.   More about Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF): OKF is a global non-profit organisation and worldwide network of people passionate about openness, and using advocacy, technology and training to unlock information and enable people to work with it to create and share knowledge. Chat with us on Gitter, join a discussion on our Forum, or check out our projects for ways to get involved!

Avoimuuden vaalipaneeli 2019

- March 15, 2019 in elections, Events, Featured, vaalit

Tule mukaan vaalipaneeliin kuulemaan puolueiden näkökulmia digimaailmaan ja avoimeen dataan. 1.4.2019 Helsingissä, Maria01:ssä. Miten rakentaa kilpailukykyistä, digitaalista Suomea, jossa on hyvä elää yhdessä älykkäiden robottien kanssa? Miten Suomi voisi ottaa osuutensa globaalista alusta- ja datataloudesta?  Miten saada mydata töihin reilulla tavalla, millainen on turvallinen kyberinfra? Miten saada suomalainen sote-aarrearkku hyötykäyttöön – vai onko henkilötietojen toissijainen käyttö ja yksityisyyden suoja ratkaisematon epäyhtälö? Miten taata avoin demokratia trollien ja jatkuvien aprillipäivien aikana? Tervetuloa maksuttomaan avoimuuden vaalipaneeliin, jossa tulevaisuuden tietoyhteiskunnasta keskustelevat Timo Harakka (SDP), Jyrki Kasvi (vihreät), Kristo Lehtonen (keskusta) ja Jouni Markkanen (kokoomus). Ilmoittaudu mukaan. Lisätietoja COSSin sivuilta. The post Avoimuuden vaalipaneeli 2019 appeared first on Open Knowledge Finland.

Open Data Day 2019: 2nd March

- February 28, 2019 in Events, Open Data Day

Protecting libraries and the vital role they play in local communities

- February 27, 2019 in Events, library, Open GLAM, OpenGLAM

This article was originally published in The Scotsman. With councils across the UK facing major financial pressures, libraries are too often seen as an easy target for cuts. In 2017, it is estimated that more than 120 libraries closed their doors in England, Wales and Scotland. That figure is likely to have increased last year. Thousands of jobs have also been lost, with libraries’ existence more reliant on volunteers than ever before. But closing down a library has to be one of the most short-sighted decisions that public officials can make, with serious consequences for the future of local communities. There is a widespread misconception that the services offered are out-of-date – a relic of a bygone age before youngsters started carrying smartphones in their pockets with instant access to Wikipedia, and before they started downloading books on their Kindle. But a recent study by the Carnegie UK Trust found that people aged 15-24 in England are the most likely age group to use libraries. And nearly half of people aged 25 to 34 still visit them, according to the study. Today, the most successful libraries have remodelled themselves to become fit for the 21st century, and more can follow suit if they receive the right support and advice, and have the backing of governments and councils. I am encouraged by the Scottish Government’s support for adequate library services across Scotland. Tomorrow, the tenth EDGE conference held by Edinburgh City Libraries will be held in the capital, where library experts from across the globe will gather to share good practice and discuss future developments. Everyone attending shares the same belief that libraries offer crucial support to help people help themselves – to support literacy, digital participation, learning, employability, health, culture and leisure. As a former MEP who founded the European Parliament’s All-Party Library group, I’m delighted to be attending this event in my new role as chief executive of Open Knowledge International. As experts in opening up knowledge, we help governments, universities, and civil society organisations reach their full potential by providing them with skills and tools to publish, use, and understand data. Part of our role involves delivering technology solutions which are particularly relevant for libraries. One of our initiatives is called OpenGLAM, a global network that works to open up content and data held by galleries, libraries, archives and museums. All over the world, libraries are coming up with new ideas to make them relevant for the modern age. Take virtual reality as an example, which is arguably the most important innovation since the smartphone. It not only provides a source of fun and entertainment but it has also become a platform to explore science, nature, history, geography and so much more. You no longer have to pick up a book in a library to learn about the Himalayas, the Great Barrier Reef or the Grand Canyon – you can explore them in virtual reality. You can learn by time travelling back to a prehistoric age or go forward into the yet undiscovered possibilities of the future. Virtual technology can also be used to visit places that humans can never travel to other than in the Hollywood world of Ant-Man – deep inside the body to a cellular level for example. And technology can be used to examine the impact of humankind on our natural world, particularly the consequences of climate change. I have long championed the importance of coding as part of the education curriculum, especially given that Scotland is home to more than 100,000 digital tech economy jobs. But while there remains a shortfall in what is delivered in our schools, libraries can fill that gap. Our world is moulded in code, and libraries offer young people an opportunity to bring ideas to life and build things that will bring joy to millions. So by embracing the future, they can continue to be an unrivalled place of learning, like they always were for previous generations. But libraries are much more than just places to learn. They are part of the fabric of a local community. At the EDGE conference we will hear from Henrik Jochumsen of the University of Copenhagen about the Danish ‘three-function model’ for libraries: as a place, as a space and as relations. Libraries can serve as a catalyst for change and urban development and build new creative partnerships in towns and cities, which in turn create vibrant, liveable and coherent communities. We will also hear about the Richland Library in Columbia, South Carolina, which has transformed into a ‘studio’ – meaning a meeting room with four walls can be a computer lab, storytime room, homework centre, book club, stage and theatre, all in one day. Last year, Liverpool Central Library was named the Bookseller’s Library of the Year in the UK. Its success, which has resulted in a steady increase in customers, stems from the decision to make the building part of the community, with events where people create art projects, and late-night openings until midnight. And being part of the community means providing a service to every single member of that community. While some people in society become ever more marginalised, there is a job to be done to ensure that digital library services are more inclusive to all, including people with disabilities. And as more people live into old age, libraries can play vital role as a dementia friendly space. They also provide an important resource for migrant families to develop their reading skills with access to dual language titles. Public libraries have been at the heart of our communities for decades, and I dearly hope that continues for decades to come. And with technological advancements, they can become more useful than ever before. But their success is also dependent on those in a position of power recognising their worth.

Open Funding Evening: Help us do funding & get a job! Mon 25.2. 17-19

- February 9, 2019 in Events

Open Funding Evening: Help us do funding & get a job! Mon 25.2. 17-19

- February 9, 2019 in Events

Join us at Maria 01, entrance 5E, Corner room on Mon 25.2.2019 17-19 for an evening dedicated to explore our Open Funding practices and opportunities for applying for funding to fulfill ideas you or others might have and get a job. Let us know if you’re coming by clicking “Going” on Facebook: Open Knowledge Finland is almost completely funded by the projects that we do. As openness is a core value to us, we do Open Funding, meaning Open Knowledge Finland serves as a project platform for it’s members. You can come to us with your project ideas and we can help you find and exercise funding opportunities for them if they’re aligned with our purpose and you’re willing to do the projects thorough our association. Open Funding also means that we plan funding applications together and we support making these by free lunches or dinners To follow and join in what we’re doing you might want to: Check our Funding Trello board: Join the #funding channel on the Open Knowledge Finland Slack. Join the Open Knowledge Finland Slack for the discussion, you can get an invite here: The general activities of Open Knowledge Finland are funded by a 18 % general fee of the projects income but for this the projects get:
  • Usage of the well-known Open Knowledge Finland brand
  • Administrative support
  • Payroll and billing functions
  • An active community of people who can volunteer and help out
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    Warming up to csv,conf.v4

    - February 1, 2019 in #CSVconf, Events, Frictionless Data

    On May 8 and 9 2019, the fourth version of csv,conf is set to take place at Eliot Center in Portland, Oregon, United States. csv,conf is a community conference bringing together diverse groups to discuss data topics, and features stories about data sharing and data analysis from science, journalism, government, and open source. Over two days, attendees will have the opportunity to hear about ongoing work, share skills, exchange ideas (and stickers!) and kickstart collaborations. This year, our keynotes include Teon L. Brooks, a data scientists at Mozilla, and Kirstie Whitaker, a research fellow at the Alan Turing Institute, with more announcements to come soon. If you would like to share your work, submissions for session proposals for our 25-minute talk slots are open from now until end of day, February 9, 2019. When csv,conf first launched in July 2014 as a conference for data makers everywhere, it adopted the comma-separated-values format in its branding metaphorically. However, as a data conference that brings together people from different disciplines and domains, conversations and anecdotes shared at csv,conf are not limited to the CSV file format. We are keen on getting as many people as possible to csv,conf,v4, and the conference will award travel grants to subsidize travel and associated costs for interested parties that lack the resources and support to get them to Portland. To that end, we have set up our honor-system, conference ticketing page on Eventbrite. We encourage you to get your conference tickets as soon as possible, keeping in mind that as a non-profit and community-run conference, proceeds from ticket sales will help cover our catering and venue costs in addition to offering travel support for speakers and attendees where needed. Additionally, Open Knowledge International will host a community event during the main csv,conf meeting where you can learn more about our Network and catch up with what the community has been doing. From the work on data literacy with School of Data, to the community involved on Open Data Day and initiatives on OpenGLAM, personal data and open education, we want to share with you the state of open knowledge in our Network.  We will be announcing more details about our community event soon! From the first three conferences held in the last four years, csv,conf has brought together over 500 participants from 30 countries. More than 300 talks spanning over 180 hours have been presented, packaged and shared on our YouTube channel. Many post-conference narratives and think pieces, as well as interdisciplinary collaborations have also surfaced from previous conferences. This is only part of the story, and we can’t wait to see and hear from you in Portland in May, and are excited for all that awaits! Csv,conf,v4 is supported by the Sloan Foundation through OKIs Frictionless Data for Reproducible Research grant, and the Frictionless Data team is part of the conference committee. We are happy to answer all questions you may have or offer any clarifications if needed. Feel free to reach out to us on

    The commallama at csv,conf,v3 will return in this year!

    Helsinki Open Week 2019 planning meetup Wed 13.2.2019

    - January 21, 2019 in Events, OK Festival

    Welcome to OK XMAS – workshops, autumn general meeting and party // Tervetuloa yhdistyksen syyskokoukseen

    - December 1, 2018 in autumn general meeting, Events, Featured, Official meeting, ok xmas, party, pikkujoulu, pikkujoulut, työpajat, Workshop, xmas

    Welcome to the OKFI Super Day on December 15 —Scroll down for Finnish— Welcome to the OKFI Super Day on December 15, consisting of
    • Autumn General Meeting
    • Workshops
    • OK Xmas Party 
    Facebook: Meetup:


    The tentative timetable is as follows:
    • 13-16.30 Workshops
    • 16.30-17 Break + quick board meeting
    • 17-19 Autumn general meeting
    • 19 -> OK Xmas Party


    Current workshop plans include at least
    • Mapping the projects and working groups of OKFI in a creative way
    • Opening and crystallizing science for decision-making and citizens: Developing the Knowledge Crystal platform
    • The Future of Copyright (host Wikimedia Suomi)
    • Let’s sketch out Junior Hackathon for 2019!
    • Read more and contribute at

    Autumn general meeting

    We welcome all members of the association to Open Knowledge Finland’s autumn meeting on the 13th December 2018 at 50 PM to Maria 01, 2. floor, Lapinlahdenkatu 16. The meeting will be held mainly in Finnish. Agenda includes 2019 action plan and budget, elections for the chairman and board 2019 and other items in our rules. Comprehensive agenda, materials and e-participation link will be updated on the meeting page: Members can sign up for the meeting via the sign-up form Please note that it is necessary to pre-register if you want to e-participate. Sign-up before noon on December 15, 2018.

    Join the OKFI board for 2019

    Do you want to use your skills for open and just digital society? Apply now to Open Knowledge Finland (OKFI) board and core team 2019! We are looking for candidates with varying backgrounds – techies, youth, activists, researchers, policy & communication people – open society enthusiasts come in many forms! The most important skill is your interest in openness and willingness to contribute to the work of the association. Board members are expected to participate in board meetings once per month. In addition, board members contribute to strategic management and daily activities of the association. Examples of tasks of a board member can include (but are not limited to):
    • Arranging various events.
    • Participating in fundraising and partnership building.
    • Ensuring ethical accountability and supporting projects and organization’s management.
    • Leading policy statements and advocacy work.
    • Participating in communication activities such as writing, social media  and web renewal.
    Sign up as a candidate at: Warm welcome! On behalf of Open Knowledge Finland board, Susanna Ånäs Puheenjohtaja


    Tervetuloa! OKFI Super Day on December 15: Yhdistyksen syyskokous/Autumn General Meeting, Workshops + OK Xmas Party.  The venue is Maria 01 second floor with event space and meeting rooms. Facebook: Meetup:  


    13-16.30 Työpajat 16.30-17 Tauko / hallituksen pikakokous 17-19 Syyskokous 19 -> OK Xmas Party  


    Työpajoissa on mm.
    • OKFI-projektien ja työryhmien kartoitus uudella tavalla
    • Tietokide: tietopohj päätöksentekoon ymmärrettävästi ja yhteisöllisesti
    • Tekijänoikeuksien tulevaisuus (host Wikimedia Suomi)
    • Juniorihackathon 2019 – lapset mukaan avoimen tiedon maailmaan!
    • Lue lisää ja osallistu


    Kutsumme kaikki yhdistyksen varsinaiset jäsenet yhdistyksen syyskokoukseen keskiviikkona 15.12.2018 klo 17:00 Maria 01, 2. krs, Lapinlahdenkatu 16 Syyskokouksessa käsitellään ja hyväksytään mm. vuoden 2019 toimintasuunnitelma, talousarvio sekä valitaan vuoden 2019 hallitus ja puheenjohtaja, sekä muut sääntömääräiset asiat. Koko esityslista, materiaalit ja etäosallistumislinkki päivitetään kokoussivuille: Jäsenistö voi osallistua kokoukseen joko tulemalla paikan päälle tai etäosallistumismahdollisuutta käyttäen. Pyydämme ilmoittautumaan kokoukseen etukäteen, jos mahdollista. Ilmoittautuminen etukäteen ei ole pakollinen paikan päällä osallistuville, mutta toivottavaa tarjoilun kannalta. Huomaa, että ilmoittautuminen viimeistään 15.12.2018 klo 12 on edellytys äänestysoikeuden saamiselle etäyhteyden yli. Ilmoittautumiset:

    Mukaan hallitukseen?

    Haluatko käyttää osaamistasi hyödyksi, avoimen ja reilun tietoyhteiskunnan puolesta? Hyvä, tule ehdolle hallitukseen! Etsimme innostuneita henkilöitä eri taustoista mukaan – teknologisteja, nuoria, aktivisteja, tutkijoita, vaikuttajia, viestijöitä – avoimuuden sankareita on monenlaisia! Tärkeintä on kiinnostuksesi avoimuutta kohtaan ja halu osallistua yhdistyksen toimintaan. Hallituksen jäsenet osallistuvat hallituksen kokouksiin tyypillisesti kerran kuussa. Tämän lisäksi hallituksen jäsenet osallistuvat strategiseen päätöksentekoon, ja joihinkin käytännön aktiviteetteihin. Esimerkkejä hallitukse jäsenen tehtävistä ovat mm.
    • Tapahtumien järjestäminen
    • Osallistuminen rahoitushakemuksiin ja yhteistyökuvioiden solmimiseen
    • Yhdistyksen toiminnan seuranta ja kehittäminen
    • Leading policy statements and advocacy work.
    • Osallistuminen viestintään eri muodoissa
    Ilmoittaudu ehdolle hallitukseen:   Lämpimästi tervetuloa! Open Knowledge Finlandin hallituksen puolesta, Susanna Änäs, puheenjohtaja The post Welcome to OK XMAS – workshops, autumn general meeting and party // Tervetuloa yhdistyksen syyskokoukseen appeared first on Open Knowledge Finland.