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Illustrating Carnival: Remembering the Overlooked Artists Behind Early Mardi Gras

- February 7, 2018 in Art & Illustrations, carnival, costumes, Culture & History, fancy dress, Fat tuesday, Featured Articles, mardi gras, new orleans, new orleans mardi gras

For more than 150 years the city of New Orleans has been known for the theatricality and extravagance of its Mardi Gras celebrations. Allison C. Meier looks at the wonderfully ornate float and costume designs from Carnival's "Golden Age" and the group of New Orleans artists who created them.

Fancy Dresses Described or What to Wear at Fancy Balls (1887)

- July 7, 2012 in costume, fancy dress, non-article, texts, Texts: 19th, Texts: Miscellaneous, Texts: Non-fiction

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Fancy dresses described or, What to wear at fancy balls, by Ardern Holt; 1887; Debenham & Freebody, Wyman & Sons, London.

A comprehensive guide to all things fancy dress, with detailed descriptions of costume ideas, from the more abstract such as “Air”, “Africa” “Dew” and “Five o Clock Tea”, to the more specific in a “Moravian Pesant” and “Henry III of France”.  

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