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George Washington: A Descendant of Odin?

- February 8, 2017 in Books, Culture & History, family tree, genealogy, george washington, george washington descendants, odin, Religion, Myth & Legend, scandina, vikings, washington descended from, woden

Yvonne Seale on a bizarre and fanciful piece of genealogical scholarship and what it tells us about identity in late 19th-century America.

George Washington at the Siamese Court

- April 21, 2016 in Culture & History, Featured Articles, george washington, names, prince george washington, royalty, siam, thailand

Keen to appear outward-looking and open to Western culture, in 1838 the Second King of Siam bestowed upon his son a most unusual name. Ross Bullen explores the curious case of Prince George Washington, a 19th-century Siamese prince.

Original acrostics on all the states and presidents of the United States, and various other subjects (1861)

- February 21, 2012 in acrostic poetry, fables, george washington, non-article, president, texts, u.s. presidents

Original acrostics on all the states and presidents of the United States, and various other subjects, religious, political, and personal ; illustrated with portraits of all the presidents, and engravings of various other kinds by Robert Blackwell; 1861; Nashville, Tennessee.

As well as acrostics for all the states and presidents, Robert Blackwell provides ones for a host of other topics including the Moon, Whisky and the Ladies of Nashville. And just in case you thought it is was easy work, a little note from the author…

[Gentlemen.] GRANT me one favor, I ask no more, Examine all my writings o'er; Not forgetting all the time Tis hard to make a name to rhyme. Let those who think they can compose Excellent verse as well as prose, Make one effort to be wise, Ere they scoff and criticise Numerous works they would revise.

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Letters From a Cat (1879)

Castaway on the Auckland Isles: A Narrative of the Wreck of the "Grafton," (1865)

Infant's Cabinet of Birds and Beasts (1820)

Old French Fairytales (1920)

Armata: a fragment (1817)

An Account of the Late Improvements in Galvanism (1803)

The Medical Aspects of Death, and the Medical Aspects of the Human Mind (1852)

Quarles' Emblems (1886)

Cat and bird stories from the "Spectator" (1896)

Wonderful Balloon Ascents (1870)

The Book of Topiary (1904)

The Adventures of Louis de Rougemont (1899)

English as She is Spoke (1884)

The Danger of Premature Interment (1816)

The Last American (1889)

Pirates (1922)

Napoleon's Oraculum (1839)

Horse Laughs (1891)

Hydriotaphia/Urn-Burial and The Garden of Cyrus (1658)

Across the Zodiac: the Story of a Wrecked Record (1880)

Superstitions About Animals (1904)

The Diary of a Nobody (1919 edition)

The Attitudes of Animals in Motion, Illustrated with the Zoopraxiscope (1882)

The Eccentric Mirror: Reflecting a Faithful and Interesting Delineation of Male and Female Characters, Ancient and Modern (1807)

Uriah Jewett and the Sea Serpent of Lake Memphemagog (1917)

Yuletide Entertainments (1910)

Mythical Monsters (1886)

Madame Tussaud's Napoleon Relics, Pictures and Other Curiosities (1901)

James Joyce's Chamber Music (1918 American Edition)

Original acrostics on all the U.S. states and presidents, and various other subjects (1861)

Hand book of the carnival, containing Mardi-Gras, its ancient and modern observance (1874)

Selection of Type is just as important as the selection of words (1939?)

Natural History of Shakespeare; Being Selections of Flowers, Fruits, and Animals (1877)

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