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Thank you for joining us at Open Knowledge Festival 2014!

- July 28, 2014 in #contribute, #get involved, #theory of change, community, News and Info, Open Knowledge, open movement

Thank you for joining us in Berlin and helping to shape OKFestival and the future of the open knowledge movement! We hope that the event provided you with the opportunity to learn, to share and to connect with open knowledge advocates from around the world. While we were excited and inspired by the collaborations and […]

Let’s try something new: unFestival!

- June 5, 2014 in #get involved, community, News and Info, Programme, unconference, unFestival

This is a guest blog post by the DATA (Datos Abiertos, Transparencia y Acceso a la información) Uruguay Team. This year’s OKFestival will play host to many new ideas, and this is one of them. We’ve created a space which allows “serendipity” to get to work, in contrast with the rest of the Festival; the […]

Call for Volunteers Opens Today!

- April 22, 2014 in #get involved, News and Info

The OKFestival team is launching our call for volunteers today, and we are excited to bring on board amazing members of our community who will help us to make this festival the huge success we are anticipating. Apply now!

Volunteers are integral to our ability to run OKFestival – without you, we wouldn’t have enough hands to get everything done over the days of the festival!

What: Volunteers @ OKFestival
When: July 15-17th, Berlin
Why? Lots of reasons! Find them here!

Join Us!

If you want to come to Berlin this July 15th-17th and help us to create the best Open festival yet, please apply today via the red button above, and then spread the word to ensure others know about the festival too! If you need financial aid in order to be able to volunteer, please be sure to apply for financial aid as soon as possible and state in your application that you have applied to volunteer at the festival. The deadline for financial aid applications is Sunday 4th May, and if you’re selected for financial aid you’ll find out shortly after that. There is no hard deadline on applying, but the sooner you apply the better your chance of being selected to come and make Open history with us at this year’s OKFestival. We can’t wait to see you there!

OKFestival streams – concept and how to get help!

- March 6, 2014 in #call for proposal, #contribute, #get involved, #hangouts, #planning, #streams, News and Info, Programme

At the Open Knowledge Foundation, we aspire to create environments that connect diverse audiences, thus enabling a diverse groups of thinkers, makers and activists to come together and collaborate to effect change. This year, the Open Knowledge Festival is fuelled by our theory that change happens when you bring together knowledge – which informs change - tools – which enable change – and society – which effects change. Whether you’re building better, cooler tech, creating stronger ideas for the open movement or aiming to shift the gears of society, this year’s OKFestival is the place for you; a place of diverse interests and learning experiences, highlighted by this year’s emphasis on collaboration across these three streams.


In the past, Open Knowledge Foundation events have been organised around topical streams. This has enabled us to grow the movement across communities as diverse as science, transparency, development and linguistics.

However, topical streams have a tendency to further entrench topical silos. Researchers working to open up academia, for example, could almost certainly benefit from learning about the experiences of their colleagues in other fields and from teaching others about their area of expertise. Everyone could benefit from some facetime with a maker who builds cool, useful technology in their sleep! At OKFestival 2014 we want to ensure this type of knowledge sharing in order to offer everyone the chance to cross-collaborate in meaningful, impactful ways. We can all recognise that issues such as privacy, data protection and net neutrality affect all domains within the open space, and we want to ensure that these issues are addressed and worked through from a diversity of perspectives to produce truly global solutions. In order to build an impactful open coalition which can effect change around the world, we need to draw on and incorporate the experiences and knowledge of multiple local communities. Only by avoiding such topical silos and building a cross-topic network of understanding and collaboration can we inform inclusive and context-appropriate open practices.


This year, we are mixing things up to achieve all of this and more! We are promoting cross-domain collaborations and urging you to collectively work through the complex problems that keep resurfacing. The individual sessions which are being submitted and proposed as we speak are pieces of this global puzzle, and this year’s Programme Team is responsible for putting that puzzle together. It’s a tough job, and we don’t want to do it alone, so if you want to start piecing it together before you submit your proposal, then collaborating with your colleagues who work in different spaces is a sure-fire way to create an interesting and attention-worthy session. We fully encourage you to reach out to those colleagues who you believe may hold a piece of your puzzle, and we’ve set up this mailing list for you to do just that.

We understand that by mixing things up, questions are sure to arise. That is why we have put together this handy page with tips and tricks for organising your session, booted that aforementioned mailing list for session organisers to discuss their proposals and foster new collaborations, and even organised two hangouts (Friday and Monday – pick one!) to give you the opportunity to ask questions and be inspired.

Finally, we need your help. We believe that at the heart of the open movement are values such as diversity and inclusivity. We need you to make sure that your OKFestival is as diverse and inclusive as possible, because as we all know, there’s so much more to learn that way. If you know awesome people who have something key to say about sharing knowledge, building amazing tools and stirring up society to make an impact, then send them our way. If that’s you, then what are you waiting for?! Start thinking about a collaborative, interactive and powerful session for OKFestival!

Open Knowledge Festival Meetups all around the world – now!

- November 19, 2013 in #get involved, Berlin, community, News and Info, Pre-festival Meetups

IMG_0883 We’re getting closer to the Open Knowledge Festival (Berlin, 15-18 July 2014 – save the date!) and it’s time to roll up our sleeves! OKFestival (as friends call it) will gather people from all the open movements, communities and projects of the world. Planning and making stuff together will be awesome. So why should we wait until July? We invite people from the global open space to start meeting up, in person and online to:
  • spread the word about open and the festival with anyone who’s not (yet) familiar with them – be the spokeperson of open!
  • share details about each other’s projects, learning more about other crowds’ actions and discovering synergies
  • think about what amazing projects and ideas you would like to participate in, and what contributions you can make
  • if the sparks sets off – team up with diverse groups and start planning to do something together at the festival (individual proposals are great, but sometimes the bigger the team, the bigger the fun – just a suggestion)
  • (materially) support OKFestival itself. We’re working on offering a very affordable event, from tickets prices to financial aid opportunities. If you have leads to organisations who might sponsor the event or give a grant, please get in touch with
    – thanks!
The Open Knowledge Festival aims to give all its participants the opportunity to show/ share/ discuss/ make: that’s why it’s time to get ready to impress!
  • publish a Call for Proposals soon, inviting the open communities to come up with the most groundbreaking, participatory and interactive submissions ever
  • offer open space and time for spontaneous sessions at the festival, which will be a very important element of the festival’s programme
And more than this: how to share ideas across pre-OKFestival Meetups?
  • With this etherpad. Here we invite people organizing a pre-festival event to document projects and ideas emerged during the meeting and anyone to chip in and get in touch / propose connections
  • Mixing up online and offline. If you have an offline meetup (from 5 to 500 people!), invite folks to join online from other countries (a Berlin meetup will experiment with this this week). If you have an online event, if the connection permits say hi face to face via hangout or exchange dates of the upcoming conferences you’ll attend and get the chance to meet some of your online peers.
Questions, hints? Feel always more than welcome to drop us a line at
. Get meeting, sharing and making!