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Open Data Day 2018 is here – Welcome to 3 days of #opendata learn, think and do!

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    Learn, think and do #opendata 360 degrees! How are the tech giant Tencent and City of Helsinki using open data to create a Helsinki city guide to the Chinese WeChat platform. How is Whim  revolutionizing transportation with their Mobility as a service thinking, using open data, open APIs. Why did the National gallery release 12000 fine art images for free reuse. And, how can YOU create a more transparent, effective, creative and well-being world. Join us for three days of open data extravaganza!  Open knowledge, open collaboration, open society! Each year, on March 3, the international open day is celebrated across the world. This year, we are planning to be quite active and take a 360-degrees approach, and invite you to take part in some of the events. As the open data day is a Saturday, we thought it could be useful to have some program in the preceding days, too – to make sure have also the public sector and businesses involved. Hope you can pop in anytime at a time convenient for you – bring a friend, too!

Day 1: Kickoff to Open Data Day by Helsinki Loves Developers & Open Knowledge Finland

Thursday March 1, 2018 at 3-6 PM, The Shortcut Lab at Maria 01 (Door 15B) The first meetup that will be organized as a part of Open Data Day 2018 event series in Finland on 1st – 3rd March! During this Helsinki Loves Developers & OKFI event you will get a great view what has happened during the past years in terms of open data in Finland and which are the outcomes and benefits, what is happening at the moment and which are the next steps. This event is a great place to meet and discuss with open data advocates, users and other stakeholders. The aim of the event is to promote awareness and use of open data – especially to new audiences, like the startups at Maria 01. Meet new folks, hear cases like Whim (Mobility as a service, using open data and open APIs in transport) and Energy and climate atlas and solar energy potential (3D open data models). 15 – 15.45 What is open data? Where are we at, why should we care?
  • Open Data in a nutshell – what’s in it for me?
  • The Finnish Open Data Ecosystem is amazing!
15.45 – 17.15 Using open data for your business –
  • How Tencent and Helsinki worked together to bring a Helsinki guide to the Chinese WeChat platform
  • Whim – Mobility as a service revolutionizes public transport – using open data, open APIs, Jonna Pöllänen/MaaS Global
  • Energy and climate atlas and solar energy potential (3D) as open data – and , Petteri Huuska
  • DOB for data-driven business, Jyrki Koskinen
  • How the National Gallery released 12000 artworks for free reuse
17.15 -> Dialogue and workshopping
  • What data do YOU need? How to make collaboration smoother Challenges in using open data
More cool surprises likely! The event space is The Shortcut Lab at Maria 01 – Door 15B. Call 040-5255153/Teemu or post to the event page, if you are having trouble finding the place. Sign up: Facebook: Meetup:

Day 2: Hands-on sessions and meetups of the projects and working groups of Open Knowledge Finland

Friday March 2, 2018 at 10 AM – 7 PM at Maria 01 (Door 15E) The day will end with the session #4 for the OKFI Strategy 2018-2023. Topics may include e.g. MyData, Lobbaus läpinäkyväksi – Transparency of Lobbying, new projects (Avoimet juuret, Wikidocumentaries, New Digital Rights), Open Science, AvoinGLAM, MyData, etc. Suggestions for specific activities are still welcome! Schedule 
  • 10 – 12.30 Project sessions, parallel tracks
  • 12.30 – 13.30 Lunch session on ResponsiveORG and open collaboration.
  • 13.30 – 15.30 Project sessions, parallel tracks
  • 16  – 17 AvoinGLAM working group meet
  • 17 – 19 Joint Open Knowledge Strategy session
  • 19 -> Open Beers?!
Lunch and snacks are on the house! Co-create the agenda at The event spaces are 2 large meeting rooms at Maria 01 – Door 15E. Call 040-5255153/Teemu or post to the event page, if you are having trouble finding the place. Sign up: Facebook: Meetup:

Day 3: Open Data Jam: Mapathons, Democrathon and Lightning Talks

Saturday March 3, 2018 at 10 AM – 4 PM at Maria 01 event space (Main door 15C, 2nd floor) This is the official Open Data Day. For us, it would be a combination of brunch, mapathons, wikidata democrathon and other stuff we co-create! Feel free to pop by when you have a chance! The programme will include at least the following:
  • Democratic Commons Democrathon The Democrathon, or Democratic commons workshop, is a session with the intention of adding and improving various national, regional and/or municipal political and legislative data in Wikidata for Finland. This builds nicely on the Vaalidatahack that YLE organized about a year ago, and is based on MySociety’s Democratic Commons project, see We will have a visiting expert from the UK hosting the event. Tony Bowden works for mySociety, he’s the project lead on mySociety’s  EveryPolitician/Wikidata project. EveryPolitician is Tony’s brainchild coming from his deep understanding that it’s impossible to create services to hold politicians to account if you’re not starting with good quality, consistent data. 
  • Three  mapathons for OpenStreetMap (OSM): Humanitarian OpenStreetMap (HOT-OSM), street views for OSM with Mapillary, and OSM mapping for local purposes.In mapathons people gather together to improve open maps. Experience in mapping is not needed, each mapathon includes guidance throughout the event. You may attend just a single mapathon or all of them – or just come to meet and chat with people in Finnish mapping communities, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and OSM Finland. Most of the time is used for hands-on mapping or photographing outdoors.
    • The Mapillary mapathon takes us outdoors and allows anyone to share their street level photos to create street views or to help, for example, in OpenStreetMap editing.
    • In the Humanitarian OSM mapathon, a vulnerable area of the world is mapped, in order to support disaster risk reduction and response efforts, typically done using aerial images.
    • The OSM mapping for our local needs, for example Digitransit Journey Planner (HSL Reittiopas and and your specific interests, utilizes aerial images and other data sources such as Mapillary photos. It is useful if you bring your own smartphone, laptop and mouse.
The event space are event space and meeting rooms on the 2nd floor of Maria 01, MAIN ENTRANCE. Call 040-5255153/Teemu or post to the event page, if you are having trouble finding the place. Sign up: Facebook: Meetup:   The Open Data Day activities are brought to you by Open Knowledge Finland, City of Helsinki – Hel <3 Developers, Wikimedia Finland, MySociety, The Shortcut, The Shuttleworth Foundation and of course Open Knowledge International. THANK YOU <3 The post Open Data Day 2018 is here – Welcome to 3 days of #opendata learn, think and do! appeared first on Open Knowledge Finland.

MyData 2016 – A visit to why the future for your private data is looking brighter!

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MyData 2016 - Datatrails MyData 2016 conference was held in Helsinki between the 31st August and 1st of September, and I was there as a volunteer with many other volunteers. Everyone was so nice and friendly and the conference had a great atmosphere. During three days in Helsinki, MyData 2016 welcomed the guests, speakers, students and professionals from all over the world. It was a truly inspiring crowd who are engaging in making privacy the default in digital services. I was in Helsinki to attend the conference and meet the people. It was my first time in Helsinki and I really loved the city especially I liked the general approach of the city to the digital and analogue solutions in their systems. When I think about Helsinki I see the city as one of the smartest. We all know that it is famous with digital technologies and adaptation of them to the daily life but I also liked the opportunities that the city gives me in using analogue systems. I  am not forced to be digital all the time, analogue works as well. For example, in buses people can pay their travel with the card or cash. They may also have a short opportunity to talk with a bus driver when they are paying their money and even make some jokes. The theme of the conference was, how can people keep privacy of their personal data and to have the control in their hands with authority over what their service provider can do with their data.  There were so many inspiring ideas and approaches. I found Valerie Peugeots talk very clear and it was like a summary of the conference. Basically she emphasizes the power of the society and she says;MyData community should contribute to a social movement.Personal ethical values in data sharing and keeping ways should be embraced by the all the people and it should also be accepted by the companies as their principles. <h2>What is MyData and what are the values of MyData?</h2>MyData is a model for a human centered approach to the managing and processing of personal information,` this is how it is described on the presentation paper. So we can say that all the personal values are also My Data values, it is a way to digital human rights. Read the MyData white paper here. Below is a video that explains the concept.  

UltraHack MyData 2016

One of the most attractive part of the conference was the UltraHack MyData 2016. The winner was Mobility Profile, it is a mobile application for Android to support journey planners. With the Mobility Profile application, travelers can create their own journeys and get some suggestions about their next journey. Application collects the data from user’s own mobile and all the data about users journey is also stored only in the mobile. It seems like the perfect tool for digital flanuers who likes to discover new places by their own unique ways. And the idea of unique was the main concerns of MyData or maybe it was a new cultural phenomena!

Mitä jos kaupungin esityslistoja voisi kommentoida verkossa?

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Trolliarmeija paraativarustuksessa marssimassa kohti pahantekoa.

Trolliarmeija paraativarustuksessa marssimassa kohti pahantekoa.

Lue alkuperäisblogaus täältä. Mitä seuraisi, jos valtuuston, hallituksen ja lautakuntien esityslistat olisivat verkossa kommentoitavina? Pystyisikö syntyvää keskustelua hyödyntämään mitenkään? Tulisiko paikalle muita kuin pahantahtoinen trolliarmeija? Minkälaisen teknologisen ratkaisun keskustelu vaatisi toimiakseen? Miten ratkaistaan ristiriita viranomaisasioinnissa vaaditun vahvan tunnistautumisen ja verkkokeskustelukulttuuriin kuuluvan nimimerkkien käytön ja anonymiteetin välillä? Miten keskustelu tulisi ajoittaa suhteessa luottamuselimen kokoukseen? Miten keskustelu pitäisi järjestää eri vaiheisiin? Näitä kysymyksiä pohditaan Deliberatiivisen demokratian instituutin ja Helsingin kaupungin Avoin ja joukkoistava kaupunki -tapahtumassa. Esityslistojen kommentointi -työpaja haastaa keskustelijat etukäteen verkossa ja paikan päällä tunnistamaan ongelmia ja ratkaisuehdotuksia esityslistojen verkkokommentoinnista. Osallistu keskusteluun tämän alustuksen pohjalta. The post Mitä jos kaupungin esityslistoja voisi kommentoida verkossa? appeared first on Open Knowledge Finland.

Avoin päätösdata -ainutlaatuisen hyvää ja harvinaista

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Niin kaupungit kuin yhteiskunnat rakentuvat nykyään verkostoina, eivät hierarkioina. Verkostojen kehittyminen edellyttää, että yksittäiset toimijat voivat vapaasti toimia parhaaksi katsomallaan tavalla. Kuva: Wikimedia/Nasa

Niin kaupungit kuin yhteiskunnat rakentuvat nykyään verkostoina, eivät hierarkioina. Verkostojen kehittyminen edellyttää, että yksittäiset toimijat voivat vapaasti toimia parhaaksi katsomallaan tavalla.

Mitä tarkoittaa päätösdata? Julkishallinnollisilla organisaatioilla, kuten esimerkiksi kunnilla ja eduskunnalla, on usein yksi keskeinen tietojärjestelmä päätösten ja päätösesitysten valmisteluun ja tallentamiseen. Tätä kutsutaan usein asianhallintajärjestelmäksi. Esimerkiksi Tampereella on käytössä KT Web. Sen ensisijaisia sisällöntuottajia ovat virkamiehet tai viranhaltijat ja luottamushenkilöt. Usein järjestelmä julkaisee organisaation www-sivuille esityslistat, pöytäkirjat ja monissa tapauksissa myös liiteaineistot. Nämä ovat tarkoitettu ihmissilmän luettavaksi. Viranhaltijapäätösten julkaisu on harvinaisempaa, ja siinä Helsinki on avoimuudessa edelläkävijä. Helsinki on edelläkävijä myös aineiston tarjoamisessa avoimena, koneluettavana datana. Rajapinta tarjoaa xml:ää, mutta siitä on jatkojalostettu myös json:ia. Tämän blogiartikkelin kirjoittaja on puhunut Tampereella päätösdatan avaamisen puolesta jo noin kaksi vuotta, mutta valitettavan vähäisin tuloksin. Tänään järjestetty tapaaminen eduskunnassa innoitti kirjoittamaan Osallistuvalle Tampereelle Facebook-viestin päätösdatan julkaisun hyödyistä. Julkaisen nyt kirjoituksen tuoreeltaan pienin muokkauksin tässä myös blogimuodossa. Eduskunta järjesti tänään työpajan avoimesta datasta, aiheena kansanedustaja- ja päätösdata. OKFFI:n Joonas Pekkanen dokumentoi tilaisuutta viestillä Open Democracy Finland -ryhmässä.
Keskustelu Eduskunnassa avoimesta datasta 18.12. 2014. Kuva: Joonas Pekkanen.

Keskustelu Eduskunnassa avoimesta datasta 18.12. 2014. Kuva: Joonas Pekkanen.

Avoimen demokratian verkosto teki joulukuussa 2010 eduskunnalle esityksen datojen avaamisesta, mutta edistyminen on hidasta tai olematonta. Samoin olen ehdottanut, että Tampere avaisi myös päätösdatansa. Valitettavasti Open Data Tampere -regionissa toimineiden Matti Saastamoisen ja Jarkko Moilasen mukaan tulevan tietojärjestelmäuudistuksen vuoksi nykyisen järjestelmän datojen avaamisen kustannus-hyötysuhde on kannattamaton.
Voisiko hyödyistä ja kustannuksista käydä avointa keskustelua ja arvioida niitä yhteistuumin?

Tietojärjestelmätoimittaja Tiedon mukaan “Open Ahjo voitti vuonna 2014 WeGOn (The World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments) järjestämän julkisen hallinnon Open City -kategorian. Viime vuonna Open Ahjo voitti Apps4Finland-kisan mahdollistaja-sarjan.”
Kuva: Wikimedia Commons / Woody993.

Verkoston kasvaessa toimijoiden välisten suhteiden määrä lisääntyy moninkertaisesti. Hierarkinen tiedonkulku ja vuorovaikutus ei kykene pysymään mukana verkostomaisessa ympäristössä. Avoimuus on tehokas lääke hierarkisen hallinnon ja avoimen yhteiskunnan vuoropuhelun edistämiseen.

Helsinki Region Infosharen mukaan HRI voitti vuonna 2013 kannustavan 100 000 euron “European Prize for Innovation in Public Administration” palkinnon, jonka perusteluna komission mukaan oli “avoimen datan avaaminen kansalaisten ottamiseksi mukaan päätöksentekoon”. Palkintorahat tuli käyttää kansalaisten osallistumis- ja tiedonsaantimahdollisuuksien parantamiseksi. Niillä rahoitettiin Suomen ensimmäinen kokonaan verkossa toteutettu osallistuva budjetointi Datademo, josta on tuotettu blogauksia, sovelluksia, visualisointeja, rajapintoja ja avointa lähdekoodia dokumentoineen edistämään avointa demokratiaa tähän mennessä 40 tuotoksen verran. Yhden rahoituskierroksen tulokset ovat vielä tulossa. Esimerkiksi tamperelainen Spartacus Technologies pyöräytti Helsinkikanavan valtuustovideot taskussa kulkevaan muotoon. Avoimella tai “ruudulta raavitulla” päätösdatalla on tehty Suomessa jotoistakymmentä sovellusta. Tekijöitä ovat yksittäiset sovelluskehittäjät, tavalliset kansalaiset ja pienyrittäjät. Näyttävimpiä esimerkkejä ovat Helsingin Päätökset -palvelu ja Eduskunta explorer. Tämä on keskustelunavaukseni avoimen päätösdatan hyötyihin. Keskustelua voi jatkaa esimerkiksi -kysymykset ja vastaukset -palvelussa.

Finland Joins our Global Open Data Community

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The following post is by Kat Braybrooke, one of OKFN’s London-based Community Coordinators and the contact point for incubating Local OKFN Chapters around the world. Looking at Data, OKFFresh from days (and late nights) full of discussing open web communities in Barcelona at the Free Culture Forum, exchanging code and starting sites about information freedom with hackers in Brasil, and creating the world’s first Data Driven Journalism Handbook at the Mozilla festival in London, the team here at the Open Knowledge Foundation is excited to welcome a new community to our worldwide network – OKFN Finland. Those of you who actively engage with our projects may have noticed that we’re rather interested in the local side of open data lately. This is because, as others have already explained with more eloquence than myself, an essential ingredient to successful open data initiatives is the community that is built around them. Most importantly, we have found that when hackers, civil servants, public service representatives, coders, activists and citizens are brought together in new ways, the really exciting projects tend to emerge. Whether this is facilitated through conferences like last month’s Open Government Data Camp in Warsaw, at urban co-working venues like the C4CC in London,  around hackathon tables at public cafes or at the Open Data Meetups we’re now helping co-host around the globe, it’s exactly the type of collaboration that gives us all a sense of personal and community-focused agency in an increasingly decentralised world. The talented group of folk who have come together to organise Finland’s first open data meetup with the OKF are as diverse as they are passionate, representing a vast assortment of networks including Wikimedia, Linux and F/LOSS usergroups, cultural think-tanks, Creative Commons, local hackspaces and government bodies. They aim to enrich our work by bringing a distinctly regional perspective to existing open knowledge frameworks – and they have invited the world to join them at their first public meetup this November 30th in Helsinki. I’ll be there, and I hope to see many of you there as well, whether virtually on Twitter (using the hashtags #OpenDataFI in English and #AvoinData in Finnish) or in-person. A hearty welcome to our new Finnish friends from Open Knowledge Foundation members around the globe!