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Arcimboldo-esque Composite Portraits of Trades (ca. 1800)

Adam Green - April 18, 2017 in arcimboldo, barber, florist, hieroglyphics, hieroglyphs, job, musician, Nicolas de Larmessin, profession, Trade, writer

Lovely aquatint print depicting four composite portraits for the professions of florist, writer, musician, and barber — their features made up entirely from the tools of their trades.

Guess Me (1879)

lotta - June 22, 2016 in acrostics, enigmas, hieroglyphics, puzzles, rebus

Illustrated by George Cruikshank among others, a collection of word, number, and picture puzzles in the form of enigmas, conundrums, acrostics, and a series of incredibly tricky rebuses.