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Copying Pictures, Evidencing Evolution

- May 18, 2016 in copying, creationism, ernst haeckel, evolution, haeckel's embryos, intelligent design, Science & Medicine

Copying — unoriginal, dull, and derivative by definition — can be creative, contested, and consequential in its effects. Nick Hopwood tracks Haeckel’s embryos, some of the most controversial pictures in the history of science, and explores how copying put them among the most widely seen.

Alfred Russel Wallace: a Heretic’s Heretic

- October 30, 2013 in Alfred Russel Wallace, Articles, charles darwin, evolution, intelligent design, Religion, Science

On the centenary of his death, Michael A. Flannery looks back at how Alfred Russel Wallace's take on evolution, which radically reintroduced notions of purpose and design, still speaks to us in a post-Darwin world where problems of sentience and of the origin of life remain, some would argue, as intractable as ever.