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Divine Comedy: Lucian Versus The Gods

- March 23, 2016 in Books, dialogues, gods, lucian, Religion, Myth & Legend, satire, translation

With the twenty-six short comic dialogues that made up Dialogues of the Gods, the 2nd-century writer Lucian of Samosata took the popular images of the Greek gods and re-drew them as greedy, sex-obsessed, power-mad despots. Nicholas Jeeves explores the story behind the work and its reception in the English speaking world.

Lucian’s Trips to the Moon

- June 26, 2013 in Articles, Books, Literature, lucian, lucian of samosata, lunar narrative, moon, Philosophy, post-modernism, truth

With his Vera Historia, the 2nd century satirist Lucian of Samosata wrote the first…