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Paradise Found: the Cradle of the Human Race at the North Pole (1885)

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Paradise Found, the Cradle of the Human Race at the North Pole – a Study of the Primitive World, by William Fairfield Warren; 1885; Houghton Mifflin, Boston.

A book by William Fairfield, the first president of Boston University, placing Atlantis at the North Pole, as well as the Garden of Eden, Mount Meru, Avalon and Hyperborea. Warren believed all these mythical lands were folk memories of a former inhabited far northern seat where man was originally created.

From the preface:
This book is not the work of a dreamer. Neither has it proceeded from a love of learned paradox. Nor yet is it a cunningly devised fable aimed at particular tendencies in current science, philosophy, or religion. It is a thoroughly serious and sincere attempt to present what is to the author s mind the true and final solution of one of the greatest and most fascinating of all problems connected with the history of mankind.

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