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Open Knowledge International needs a new CEO – Could this be you?

Open Knowledge International - August 1, 2018 in Featured, job, Jobs, Open Knowledge International

The space around us is changing and Open Knowledge International needs a CEO who can help refine our identity and mission in this changing context. We are looking for someone who is entrepreneurial, creative and can work out what open means today, turning our mission into reality. You will be able to harness our activist ethos to deliver the services and products while ensuring the sustainability of the organisation and our mission. As the leader of our organisation, you will be in charge of directing our activities, shaping our fundraising and business development efforts, and nurturing our relationships with our funders, partners and communities, while welcoming and pursuing new opportunities and collaborations for open data. You will translate the open philosophy into concrete streams for our clients and operationalise that vision. You will help our funders, partners and clients understand what open means for them and what standards can do to make that a reality. You might be a senior leader within the open movement, in an organisation that promotes openness or in a data driven environment, with a strong desire and a passion to make a difference and are looking for the right vehicle to make that change. You have experience in operationalising the mission for organisations and are now looking for the opportunity to articulate the vision. Translating that vision in a changing context of user expectations, government and corporate ideologies and politics excites you. For more information on the role, click here.   About us Open Knowledge International (OKI) is a multi-award winning international not-for-profit organisation. We build tools and communities to create, use and share open knowledge — content and data that everyone can use, share, build on, and ultimately make informed decisions as a result. Ours is a mixed business model, undertaking both grant and commercial projects, and fundraising to cover our core work. Partnerships and networks are essential to our impact and we see ourselves as part of a global network of communities, organisations, advocates, government officials and activists. We are supported by a Board of Directors and staff who are passionate about what we do.   Why we do what we do Our world seems to be closing or threatening to close in a whole range of ways. Knowledge is a part of how power plays out, about who can own and use it and make an impact in the world. Open Knowledge International wants to be part of getting that right. OKI, as a part of the broader open movement and network of organisations has been focused on:
  • working with civil society organisations help find value of open data for their mission and work,
  • providing organisations with the tools and skills to effectively use data, and
  • help make government efforts around information sharing responsive to civil society needs.
We believe this is important, this matters; this is necessary for making the world a better place. If you are enthused about our mission and believe you can lead us into the next chapter of our journey, please get in touch.  

Welcoming our new Open Knowledge International Board

Open Knowledge International - July 23, 2018 in governance, News, Open Knowledge International

We have a series of important announcements regarding our Open Knowledge International governance. With the organisation having been through significant developments over the past years, we are now at a point of stability, with good systems in place and great staff driving the mission. The current updates to our Board of Directors reflect the new energy and drive that will help us achieve the next steps in our journey.
First of all, we are delighted to welcome six new members to our Open Knowledge International Board of Directors. Following a great response to our call for new Board members, we are excited to have these new members to help us effectively challenge and support our ambitions:
  Vanessa Barnett is a commercial lawyer who helps clients who are using technology to innovate or disrupt established ways of doing things. She has supported clients from household-name global brands to nimble start-ups do this for over 15 years, across goods, services and digital.
    Irina Bolychevsky works as data consultant for W3C, Open Data Institute and the UK and Dubai governments. She co-founded — a project to promote and bring together people working on and interested in decentralised digital technologies. She previously worked at OKI as Commercial Director and CKAN product owner.
  Entrepreneur & data specialist Vicky Brock is Founder of Get Market Fit and Founder and former CEO of Clear Returns. In November 2017 she was named Scotland’s Most Inspiring Business Person by Founders4Schools at the Entrepreneurial Scotland Awards.

  Jarmo Elukka Eskelinen is the Chief Innovation and Technology Officer of the Future Cities Catapult, which help firms develop the products and services to meet the changing needs of cities.       Joining our Board is Dr. Rufus Pollock, President & Founder of Open Knowledge International. He was a member of our Board from its founding in 2004 until 2013, and continued to act as Board Secretary until 2015.     Johnny West is director of OpenOil, a Berlin-based consultancy which uses open data and methodologies to build investment-grade financial and commercial analysis for governments and societies of their natural resource assets. He sits on the Advisory Board of FAST, the only open source financial modelling standard, and is an alumnus of the Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship.
  Our long-time Board member Jane Silber has recently stepped down from her position. We would like to express our warm thanks for the great contribution she made to our organisation over the past years, and wish her well in her future endeavours. Helen Turvey continues her role as a much valued Board member. Joining in as Board Observer is Dietmar Walter on behalf of Viderum. As entrepreneurial Chairman, CEO, Non Executive Director and Business Advisor, Dietmar has a track record in setting up, growing and leading global tech, data analytics, software and market intelligence organisations, from start-up through to successful exit. He has held senior positions within the IT industry for the last 20 years and is currently a strategic advisor to several data analytics and software start-up companies. Andrew Clarke, our current Board Observer for Omidyar Network, will be leaving the Board in the near future. We are grateful to Andrew for supporting our Board, as well as supporting our organisation over the years.

Other changes – our new Chair and short term Executive Director

We are also pleased to announce that Dr. Tim Hubbard is the new Chair of the Board, having taken over from Karin Christiansen during the last Board meeting of 12 June 2018. Karin has recently taken on the role of Executive Director (hence the need to step down from the role of Non-Executive Board Chair). The leadership team, Mark Gibbs (COO) and Paul Walsh (CPO), requested that she step-in to assist with leading the organisation while we recruit a CEO. This is very much an interim measure until a CEO is hired. We will soon share more on the CEO vacancy. Finally, we are sad to announce that Mark Gibbs, our Chief Operating Officer since 2015, will be leaving OKI due to personal circumstances at the end of September 2018. He has kindly agreed to flexibility on this. This is much appreciated, as is the thoughtfulness and great work Mark has done for the organisation. He will be greatly missed. We look forward to having our new Board members serve in addition to their governance roles as advocates and ambassadors for Open Knowledge International’s mission – all information on the Board can be found on our Board of Directors page.

Board members wanted!

Karin Christiansen - February 15, 2018 in Featured, Open Knowledge International

Open Knowledge International (OKI), the international non-profit dedicated to realising open data’s value to society, is looking for people to join our Board of Directors. Background in brief below and full details here.

We want you!

We are seeking passionate people to join a committed and experienced team, to foster and promote our mission and achieve our goals. We are entrusted with holding the vision of the organisation and supporting the Executive Team to deliver with excellence. Our team provides independent advice, robust governance, and the ability to effectively challenge and support OKI’s ambitions. Our culture is dynamic, collegial, flexible and always open to new ideas. We are looking for up to three people to join our Board of Directors, and are particularly interested in those with expertise and experience in the following areas:
  • Board Level Experience or Experience as an advocate of the open movement, from grassroots to government
  • Finance
  • Advocacy
  • Media relations
  • Commercial
  • Fundraising
  • Research

Where we’re at

This is an exciting and important point in the journey of OKI and the Board. The organisation has been through significant development over recent years and we are now at point of stability, with good systems in place and great staff driving the mission. Taking the original vision of our Founder and President, Rufus Pollock, and the work done to build upon this by Laura James and Pavel Richter, and now under the leadership of Mark Gibbs and Paul Walsh, we are looking firmly to the future. We need a Board that can drive OKI to the next level of impact and inspiration, with a vision to match. We need people who care about open knowledge and can help OKI to push our agenda through the challenges faced in the world. We need steering and guidance, oversight of strategy and delivery, and those who can help ensure our impact as a organisation and our leading role in the open movement.

The mission?

We seem to be threatened with an increasingly closed world in a whole range of ways. Open Knowledge wants to be part of the solution. OKI shows the value of open data for the work of civil society organisations, provides organisations with the tools and skills to effectively use open data, and makes government information systems responsive to civil society. This is important; this matters; this is necessary for making the world a better place. The basics are done here: this is about supporting and challenging the Leadership team in getting the job done while navigating challenges as they arise. In addition to guidance around strategy, providing accountability, developing policy, fundraising and sustainability, etc, the Board will be looking at how we reframe ‘open’ in the current climate and looking at what’s ahead. OKI is a mixed business model, undertaking projects, utilising commercial opportunities and fundraising for core work. OKI is one organisation with a global network of communities, organisations, advocates, government officials and activists. OKI has a broad reach and is looking at how best to help people in particular sectors & domains – especially Civil Society Organisations – to use open knowledge (definitions, data and process, techniques and world views) to have impact in their fields. Questions to be considered include, ‘what is the right business model and strategy to deliver on mission?’, ‘what are the trade-offs in decisions around future focus?’, and ‘how do we support the Leadership to make the best decisions?’ We are looking for people who can help us figure out what approach we should be taking and then to help us do it. Throughout all this we expect Board members to be advocates and ambassadors for OKI, and we strongly welcome people who can aid us in diversity and inclusivity.

No Board experience? No Problem!

While leadership experience of non-profit or SME is essential for the board as a whole, it would be helpful to also include someone with no previous board experience: we want someone invested in the open movement, and have the capacity to support you in learning the ropes as a Board member. If you believe you have insight to offer and value to add to these kinds of discussions, then we warmly encourage you to apply.

Have a little time to spare?

We are asking for roughly 4 to 5 hours per month, which includes attendance at bi-monthly meetings held in London, for 2 years initially.

Meet the Team

Karin Christiansen
Board Chair Karin Christiansen has been Chair of Open Knowledge since September 2013. Karin is currently doing strategy, leadership and operational consultancy work including at the Open Data Institute. Prior to that she was the General Secretary of the Co-operative Party. She was the founder/CEO of Publish What You Fund, the global campaign on the transparency of aid. Before setting up Publish What You Fund, Karin worked as a Policy Manager at ONE and for many years as Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) in the Centre for Aid and Public Expenditure. She joined ODI having worked as an Economist at the Rwandan Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Agriculture. Prior to that, Karin worked for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. In 2011 Karin was named as one of the Devex London 40 Under 40 International Development Leaders. Jane Silber
Board Member Jane Silber is the former CEO of Canonical. Canonical produces Ubuntu, the leading open source platform for client, server and cloud computing. Before becoming CEO in 2010, she served as Canonical’s COO from the company’s founding. Jane has over 20 years of business development, strategic leadership, operations and software management experience. An experienced Board member, she currently sits on the boards of Canonical, The Sensible Code Company and Haverford College. She holds an MBA degree from Oxford University, an MSc degree in Management of Technology from Vanderbilt University, and a BSc degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Haverford College. Helen Turvey
Board Member Helen Turvey (King) is CEO of the Shuttleworth Foundation. She originally joined the Shuttleworth Foundation to define international relations for the organisation, before moving into her present role where she is responsible for all of the Foundations strategic and operational elements. Helen was educated in Europe, South America and the Middle East. With 15 years worth of experience working with international NGOs and agencies, she is driven by the belief that open technologies, content and processes have vast benefits and value to offer education, economies and communities in both the developed and developing worlds. Dr. Tim Hubbard
Board Member Tim Hubbard is Professor of Bioinformatics and Head of Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics at King’s College London. He is also Head of Genome Analysis at Genomics England, a company established by the UK government to execute the 100,000 Genome Project, which aims to mainstream the use of whole genome sequence analysis for treatment in the UK National Health Service (NHS). From 1997-2013 he worked at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute where he was one of the organisers of the sequencing of the human genome. In 1999 he co-founded the Ensembl project to analysis, organise and provide access to the human genome and from 2007 led the GENCODE project to annotate the structure of all human genes. He is an advocate of the benefits of open access and open data release for science and society as a whole and has served on multiple national information access advisory boards including Europe PMC (PubMedCentral) the repository for open access publications. He received his BA from Cambridge University (UK), and PhD from Birkbeck College, University of London (UK).


Full details and application process may be found here on our jobs page. Please note that a Board member is a Non-Executive and unpaid position. UK-based applicants are preferred but candidates based within UTC -1 and +4 will also be considered. The closing date for applications is 30th March 2018, to on-board new Board members in time for our June meeting. If you have any questions then do reach out via If you believe in our mission, and are working in a CSO or similar sector where you are using open to further your work, come join us – and help us make your work easier. We would love to hear from you!


Shu Higashi (東 修作) - September 22, 2016 in chapter, Featured, News, OKI, Open Knowledge International, opendata, OpenGovernment, オープンガバメント, オープンデータ, 支部

(訳注:この記事は Open Knowledge International ブログ記事の日本語訳です) 今月はオープン・ナレッジ・ネットワークの2つの新しい支部が始動しました。日本支部とスウェーデン支部です。支部はオープン・ナレッジ・ネットワークの中でいちばん発展した形で、ファウンデーションからは法的に独立しており、了解覚書によって提携します。現在の私たちの全支部一覧はこちらを参照してください。その構成のより詳細な情報はネットワーク・ガイドラインを参照してください。 オープン・ナレッジ・ジャパンは古参の団体のひとつです。2012年に立ち上がり、政府・自治体におけるオープンデータの利用について数多くのプロモーションを行ってきました。また日本におけるオープンデータ・デイの盛り上げを全国60以上の地域イベントとともに牽引しています。これは私たちの東アジアにおける最初の支部になります。 オープン・ナレッジ・スウェーデンは、1766年に最初のFOI(情報の自由)法を実装した土地柄ですが、依然としてそのプラットフォームであるFragastatenを通じてアクティブにプロモートしており、遺産の領域でアクティブなハックを行っています。彼らは現在EUが資金提供したプロジェクト「Clarity- Open EGovernment Services」の一部です。彼らはちょうどOKawardを開始したばかりです。これは、公共や企業のセクターからのオープン・ナレッジの貢献者への認知を高める、この地域最初の賞となるでしょう。彼らは北欧諸国ではお隣のフィンランドに次いで2番目の支部になります。
オープン・ナレッジ・ファウンデーションのグローバルネットワークは、スコットランドからカメルーン、中国からチェコ共和国まで、今や40ヶ国以上の団体を含んでいます。これらの団体のうち11箇所が今や支部として提携しています。専門の市民アクティビスト、オープンネスの専門家そしてデータ探索者といった人たちが実践するネットワークはオープン・ナレッジ・インターナショナルのミッションの、そしてオープン運動の森の中心に位置しています。 オープン・ナレッジ・インターナショナルのCEOであるPavel Richter は次のように述べています。「オープン・ナレッジの地域組織、とりわけ私たちの支部は、世界のオープン・ナレッジ運動の進め方をリードしています」「東アジアの、そして北欧諸国2番目の支部ができたのは、オープンネスへの需要が依然存在していることを示しており、新しい支部がどのように私たちの運動をリードするか、楽しみにしています」

日本でのオープンデータ・デイのイベントの中から。クレジット: OKJP


オープンデータ・デイでのOK SE のメンバー。クレジット:

オープン・ナレッジ・スウェーデンの議長、Serdar Temizより「オープン・ナレッジにおける変革者ネットワークの緊密な一部となれたことを嬉しく思います。OKIの支部になることは、大きな喜びと栄誉です。オープン・ナレッジ運動の最前線にいる組織の一部になれて喜びに耐えません。最初の2年間で、OKIがOKコミュニティにおける私たちの活動を認知し、数少ない公式の支部になれたことは私たちの励みとなります。」 原文(2016/9/21 Open Knowledge Foundation Blog 記事より):
Original post New Open Knowledge Network chapters launched in Japan and Sweden / Open Knowledge International, licensed under CC BY 4.0 International.