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Ghostwriter and Ghost: The Strange Case of Pearl Curran & Patience Worth

- September 17, 2014 in automatic writing, blake, Books, heteronym, Literature, mediumship, occult, ouija, ouija board, patience worth, pearl curran, pessoa, poetry, Religion, Myth & Legend, spiritualism, yeats

In early 20th-century St. Louis, Pearl Curran claimed to have conjured a long-dead New England puritan named Patience Worth through a Ouija board. Although today mostly unknown, the resulting books, poems, and plays that Worth "dictated" to Curran earned great praise at the time. Ed Simon investigates the curious and nearly forgotten literary fruits of a “ghost” and her ghostwriter.

Jap Herron: A Novel written from the Ouija Board (1917)

- October 29, 2013 in California Digital Library, collections, Digital Copy: No Additional Rights, emily grant hutchings, Internet Archive, jap herron, mark twain, occult, ouija board, seance, spiritualism, texts, Texts: 20th, Texts: Fiction, Underlying Work: PD US

Jap Herron, the novel written, supposedly, by a deceased Mark Twain from beyond the grave, dictated via the medium of a Ouija board.