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The Prototype Fund Is Looking for Your Upgrades for Swiss Democracy!

- April 9, 2021 in Allgemein, Politik, prototypefund

Now you can apply and get up to 100,000 CHF to prototype your civic tech project! With our Prototype Fund we are looking forward to fostering your ideas on how to strengthen participation and Swiss democracy with open source solutions! At the Prototype Fund we create experimental spaces for important updates to Swiss democracy. So that we can all participate in political decision making in a more extensive and profound way. As a developer or a team of technically skilled, politically engaged and creative collaborators, you will receive funding to develop your civic tech idea from concept to the first demo. You and your team can spend 6 months writing code and building a prototype of your open source software. In addition, we – and Mercator Foundation Switzerland – coach, advise and connect you with the tech and other communities. Why open source? By publishing the source code, your project will be more trustworthy, effective and sustainable, as others can examine your prototype, build on it and develop it further. You can find everything you need to know about applying in our FAQ. And if you want to know more please join our Q&A event on 21 April or shoot us an email:!

Five Projects Selected for the Prototype Fund

- July 7, 2020 in Bildung, Daten, prototypefund

The Following five projects have been selected by the Prototype Fund Jury to be funded for the first Swiss edition of the Prototype Fund. They will each receive up to CHF 100,000 in funding, at least 5 hours of individual and need-based coaching (e.g. in coding or user-centered design) during the funding period, amongst others. The selected projects promote smart participation in Swiss politics by providing open source solutions and by using open data.


E-Collecting wird das sichere und einfache elektronische Unterschreiben, Validieren und Zählen von Volksbegehren auf Kampagnen-Plattformen ermöglichen.#ROUND 1 


FairElection crée un outil pour les organisations politiques pour choisir des candidat-es en fixant des critères de représentation. Le grand public peut simuler les résultats d’une élection passée en modifiant ces mêmes critères de diversité.#ROUND 1 


Projekt CH+ Games for Democracy uses game mechanics for political self-education and helps voters select their ideal candidates during elections. CH+ is based on co-design and invites users to be part of the design process.#ROUND 1 


Q&A Bundeshaus entwickelt eine Crowd Source-Plattform, über die Bürgerinnen Fragen oder Anliegen direkt und öffentlich an Parlamentarierinnen richten können.#ROUND 1 


Voty brings democracy to schools and promotes the understanding of democracy among the youth in a sustainable way through three modules: learning  + testing + living democracy.
The Prototype Fund is a joint initiative by and Mercator Foundation Switzerland.