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Submission by Open Knowledge Ireland to the Public Consultation on Open Data Licences

- March 18, 2015 in DPER, Ireland, licence, OGP Action Plan, OKFN Ireland, Open Data Ireland, Open Knowledge Ireland, PSI, Public Consultation

Date: 18 March 2015 at 11:00
Subject: Submission by Open Knowledge Ireland to the Public Consultation on Open Data Licences
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Sir / Madam,

Please find attached the submission by Open Knowledge Ireland to the public consultation on open data licences.

Open Knowledge Ireland is very pleased at the Government’s decision to invite views on an open data policy for Ireland and the decision to review the Public Sector Information (PSI) licence.

Open Knowledge Ireland (OK Ireland) is a regional chapter of the Open Knowledge Foundation. The OK Ireland is at the forefront of Ireland’s Open Data community with the aim of developing a self-sustainable, enabling ecosystem for open data to empower citizens and organisations to make better informed, evidence-based decisions.

OK Ireland promotes open data culture through regular weekly, monthly and quarterly community engagements. Our events have been attended by thought leaders and notable civic activists.  Between October 2012 and January 2015, OK Ireland has successfully organised 15 community meetups, 5 hackathons, one Open Data training day and one OGP Civil Society day, with a total of over 1000 participants.We facilitate development of practical engagement with open data repositories. We organize training events, in which participants develop practical skills.

OK Ireland is supported by a number of organizations which make world-class technology resources available for fostering innovative projects. For example, CKAN, the world’s leading open-source data portal platform, was developed by the non-profit Open Knowledge Foundation and is today overseen and managed by the CKAN Association. CKAN is currently used by governments and organizations worldwide to power both official and community data portals, including the Irish Government Data Portal

Members of OK Ireland are technology experts and experienced civic activists, with expertise in implementing the best global open data practices and tacit knowledge of unique challenges in Ireland. In September 2013, facilitated by a community engagement day, volunteers audited and catalogued datasets originally published by Irish government agencies. This exercise became a foundation for our input into the Global Open Data Census. At the same event, an Irish instance of CKAN, the worlds most advanced data repository, was deployed. For your convenience, the submission to the Public Consultation on Open Data Licences is also available online here:

Best regards,

Denis Our submission document: Submission by Open Knowledge Ireland to the public consultation on open data licences.pdf

Your view on the Dutch 4.0 Creative Commons license translations.

- August 19, 2014 in CC, creative commons, Featured, licensing, Public Consultation

In the end of 2013, Creative Commons released the latest version of their licenses: 4.0. These licenses are the result of an intensive public consultation that started in 2011. After the launch, Creative Commons Netherlands and Creative Commons Belgium started a translation to Dutch. Before these translations will be officially recognised, both parties are asking the public for feedback in Belgium and the Netherlands. Creative Commons 4.0 logo It’s imperative to have feedback on this new version of the Creative Commons licenses, because it’s essential for Creative Commons to offer licenses that everyone can easily read and understand. That’s why they need input from people who use the licenses. Having good and easy readable translations means a bigger reach and impact. The public consultation runs until the 1st of September 2014. During and after this period, they’ll react to all the feedback and remarks that were given. After that, they’ll prepare a final proposal for Creative Commons international, where it will be reviewed for an official approval. Participating in the public consultation is easy, look at the concept translations and tell them what you think about them. If you want to provide feedback on these concept translations but don’t know how this works in Google Docs: Follow this manual. If you have any further questions about the way you can help Creative Commons, or have a general question about the 4.0 licenses, send and email to Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License Kalexanderson