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The Calcutta Pococurante Society: Public and Private in India’s Age of Reform

- August 17, 2016 in Bengal, British Empire, British Raj, calcutta, Calcutta Pococurante Society, colonialism, Culture & History, india, kol, Kolkata, private, public, societies, supplement

Joshua Ehrlich on an obscure text found on the shelves of a Bengali library and the light it sheds on the idea of the public in 19th-century Calcutta.


- February 21, 2011 in art, Data, demographics, open, public

Having recently discovered the OKNF i am fully enthused by the discussion here. Currently I am doing a practice based PHD focused on developing a hybrid digital public art practice. Open data is a big part of that, my recent project is a touring art project which asks participants to respond to their demographic profile. We toured the work through North East England and Bournemouth (UK), with plans to work in Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow. Each time the work is shown the database grows with an eventual outcome to make the data available via open data. All video entries are postcode tagged and mapped to a Google map. Be very interested in peoples advice about the best way to go with this, from a technical and ethical pov. cheers K