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The Price of Suffering: William Pynchon and The Meritorious Price of Our Redemption

- November 11, 2015 in banned books, Books, colonial america, first book to be banned in America, new england, puritans, Religion, Myth & Legend, religious controversy, springfield, thomas pynchon, thomas pynchon ancestor

William Pynchon, earliest colonial ancestor of the novelist Thomas Pynchon, was a key figure in the early settlement of New England. He also wrote a book which became, at the hands of the Puritans it riled against, one of the first to be banned and burned on American soil. Daniel Crown explores.

Curiosities of Puritan nomenclature (1888)

- September 18, 2012 in names, naming, nomenclature, non-article, puritans, texts, Texts: 19th, Texts: Miscellaneous, Texts: Non-fiction

Curiosities of Puritan nomenclature, by Charles W. Bardsley; 1888; Chatto and Windus, London.

A fascinating look at some of the more bizarre names given to children during the 17th century in England. Among the names explored are “From-above”, “Free-gift” & “More-fruit” for unexpected additions to families; “Humiliation”, “Abstinence” & “Sorry-for-sin” to express those qualities considered to be virtues; and just the plain brilliant/weird/mean, such as, “Job-rakt-out-of-the-asshes” and “Dancell-Dallphebo-Marke-Antony-Dallery-Galleiy-Caesar”.

The book is housed at the Internet Archive, donated by the California Digital Library

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