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Various Apocalyptic Scenes from the Prophetic Messenger (ca. 1827–61)

- October 23, 2019 in astrology, future, occult, prophecy, raphael

Apocalyptic lithographs from the 19th century golden age of astrology, helmed by several astrologists writing under the name Raphael.

Who Says Michelangelo Was Right? Conflicting Visions of the Past in Early Modern Prints

- February 10, 2016 in antiquity, Art & Illustrations, classical greece, hans brosamer, ideal of art, Laocoön, Laocoön and his sons, Laocoön group, michelangelo, raphael, rennaissance rome, sculpture, william blake

When the lost classical sculpture Laocoön and His Sons — lauded as representing the very highest ideal of art — was dug up in 1506 with limbs missing, the authorities in Rome set about restoring it to how they imagined it once to look. Monique Webber explores how it was in reproductive prints that this vision was contested, offering a challenge to the mainstream interpretation of Antiquity.