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An Apparent Tour of the Titanic (1912)

- April 11, 2012 in captain smith, carpathia, Films, Films: 1910s, Films: Documentary, Films: Short, non-article, rare film, titanic

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A short film which appears to show the interior and deck of the Titanic only minutes prior to its ill-fated voyage in April 1912. Included in the footage is Captain E.J. Smith apparently inspecting the ship just 10 minutes prior to departure, various deck promenades, and the actual leaving of the ship. We are reliably informed however that it is a sneaky bit of sleight of hand by the newsreel company, splicing together footage from other ships (mostly the Titanic’s ‘sister’ ship The Olympic). Notice the scratched out name plates on the frames which appear as floating white marks in the film.

Richard Howells, in his article for The Public Domain Review “The Unsinkable Myth”, explores the various legends which surround the sinking of arguably the world’s most famous ship.

Download from Internet Archive

Note this film is in the public domain in the US, but may not be in other jurisdictions. Please check its status in your jurisdiction before re-using.

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