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The Anthropometric Detective and His Racial Clues

- February 24, 2016 in Anthropometric Laboratory, arthur conan doyle, detective fiction, eugenics, fingerprints, francis galton, Science & Medicine, sherlock holmes

Ava Kofman explores how the spectre of race, in particular Francis Galton's disturbing theory of eugenics, haunts the early history of fingerprint technology.

Inside the Empty House: Sherlock Holmes, For King and Country

- January 8, 2014 in arthur conan doyle, Articles, conan doyle, History, Literature, royal baccarat scandal, sherlock holmes, sir arthur conan doyle, tranby croft affair

As a new series of BBC’s Sherlock revives the great detective after his apparent death at the hands of Moriarty in ‘The Empty Hearse’, Andrew Glazzard investigates the domestic and imperial subterfuge beneath the surface of Sherlock Holmes’s 1903 return to Baker Street in Conan Doyle’s ‘The Empty House’.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Interview (1927)

- June 29, 2012 in arthur conan doyle, Films, Films: 1920s, Films: Documentary, Films: Short, interview, non-article, sherlock holmes, spiritualism

A 1927 Fox newsreel interview with the author and spiritualist, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He speaks about his greatest literary creation, Sherlock Holmes, and his work in spiritualism.

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