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Open Data by default: Lorca City Council is using OpenSpending to increase transparency and promote urban mobility.

- February 7, 2017 in Fiscal transparency, Open Fiscal Data, Open Spending, OpenSpending, smart city, Smart Region

Castillo de Lorca. Torre Alfonsina (Public Domain)

Lorca, a city located in the South of Spain with currently 92,000 inhabitants, launched its open data initiative on January 9th 2014. Initially it offered 23 datasets containing transport, mobility, statistical and economic information. From the very beginning, OpenSpending was the tool selected by Lorca City Council because of its capabilities and incredible visualization abilities. The first upload of datasets was done in 2013, on the previous version of OpenSpending. With the OpenSpending relaunch last year, Lorca City Council continued to make use of the OpenSpending datastore, while the TreeMap view of the expenditure budget was embedded on the council’s open data website. In December 2016, the council’s open data website was redesigned, including budget datasets built with the new version at The accounting management software of Lorca allows the automatic conversion of data files to csv. format, so these datasets are compatible with the requested formats established by OpenSpending. Towards more transparency and becoming a smart city In 2015, when the City of Lorca transparency website was launched, the council decided to continue with the same strategy focused on visualization tools to engage citizens with an intuitive approach to the budget data. Lorca is a city pioneer in the Region of Murcia in terms of open data and transparency. So far, 125 datasets have been released and much information is available along with the raw data. It deserves to be highlighted that there are pilot project initiatives to bring open data to schools, which was carried out during the past year. In 2017, we will resume to teach the culture of open data to school children with the main goal to demonstrate how to work with data by using open data. In the close future the council plans to open more data directly from the sources, i.e. achieve policy of open data by default. And of course Lorca intends to continue exploring other possibilities that Open Spending offers us to provide all this data to the citizenry. In addition, Lorca is working to become a smart city (article in Spanish only) – open data is a key element in this goal. Therefore, Lorca’s open data initiative will be a part of the Smart Social City strategy from the very beginning. 

Lab for CITY (Civic Innovation and Technology) – 21. Nov. via Live Stream verfolgen

- November 3, 2014 in Berlin, Deutschland, Featured, Open Transport, smart city, Termine

labforcity Unsere Arbeit bei der Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland ist stets durch die Begeisterung an Technologien und Innovationen gekennzeichnet, die es dem Bürger ermöglichen, komplexe Prozesse zu verstehen und sich an politischen Entscheidungen zu beteiligen. Je mehr Wissen wir teilen, desto mehr Innovationen können entstehen. Das Teilen von Wissen und Ideen ist auch der Schlüssel zu einer kognitiven Umwelt für die Zukunft unserer Städte. Daher veranstalten wir als Partner von allryder ein Open-Space-Programm, wo open data Pioniere, Vordenker, Behörden, politische Entscheidungsträger und technologieorientierte Unternehmen zusammenkommen, um ihre Erkenntnisse im Bereich civic innovation zu teilen und voneinander zu lernen. Das Lab for CITY (Civic Innovation and TechnologY) wird am 21. November in Berlin stattfinden – mit dabei Vertreter von VBB, Citymart, Forum Virium, Waag Society und das internationale Forum der Deutschen Bank: Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft. Verfolgt Vorträge und Diskussionen über unseren eingerichteten Live-Stream. Den Link werden wir zeitnah über twitter und die Lab for CITY-Webseite veröffentlichen: Für mehr Infos über das Lab for CITY: Schreibt eine Mail an , folgt uns auf Twitter @lab4city oder besucht unsere Website: