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OKI website upgrade – what we have done and the road ahead

- August 4, 2016 in Our Work, team, website

An organisation website is its main public image or at least this is what we believe in at Open Knowledge International. For a while now, our website has needed design attention and update of content. We have therefore decided to revamp our website and give it some new look and features.

Our primary thinking behind our site is how to make the work and the people of Open Knowledge International more relatable. How can we take complex terms like open data and civic tech and make them something that anyone can relate to? Also, we wanted to see how the OKI team can use the website to connect and learn more about one another. Also, we wanted the site to reflect our how we are working towards our mission, to make “A world where knowledge create power to the many, not the few.” We highlighted our projects and how they strive towards that goal.

Our work on the site is not done, and probably will always be a work in progress. We believe in “release fast, release often” approach, and hope that you can give us feedback about the website, as well as help us to find bugs (although we tried to catch them all in advance!). Like all of our work, you can get the source code for the website here, and use it for your work if you see something that you like.

So what did we do?

A new homepage – We believe that people are in the focus of our work and we tried to reflect it on our homepage. Here you can see highlights of our work, latest projects and navigate to sections that explain to you who we are and what we are doing.
Project page – For the last two years, the OKI website didn’t have a project page. Since our projects are the core of our work, we added a project page where you can see all of our past project and all the projects that we are currently working on.
Network Guidelines – We move our network guidelines from a google doc to the website so it will be easier to find them.
New page templates – We gave our general pages a new look and improved the navigation on the site.
A new team page – We are very proud of our diverse and global team, but we wanted to make our team page a bit more than that. As a remote team, our office is our “Slack” channel (yes, yes, we don’t have a physical office!). Working in the virtual space has a lot of advantages, but it is very hard to get to know your teammates on a closer level. We, therefore, decided to use both our website and Slack to create a feature that will allow both the team and you, the users, to get to know team members better. OKI team members can update their team member page status by updating Slack in 5 categories – reading, eating, listening, working and location. This way you can know in real time where are we and what are we doing. It already provoked some excellent conversations in within our staff, and I hope it will make you closer to us as well.

Team page example

An example for our new team page

What are we planning to do next?

Network page – we want to give the network page a new look so it will be easier to understand who is part of the OKI network and what different parts of the network are doing. The content there is up to date, and we will keep updating it.
Research – During the years we have done a lot of research in OKI. We want to give it a dedicated place on the site (in the meanwhile, you can find our work on our research repository).
Funding – We would like to improve our funding page and give you more information about or sources of financing. We are now examining what will be the best way to do so.
Press page – The current page has outdated content. Sierra Williams, our incoming Communication Manager, will update this page and will lead the future work on the whole website.

Let us know what you think about our site by leaving some feedback about it on our forum.

Remembrance of Teams Past

- August 8, 2012 in group portraits, Images, Images-20th, Images-People, Images-Photography, non-article, sport, team, team photos

With the end of the 2012 Olympics now in sight, we celebrate the world of amateur sport with some photographs of local teams from yesteryear.

(Images taken from a variety of sources via Flickr Commons. Click on each picture for more info and higher res versions).

Winning oarsmen at Waterford Boat Club (1897) – National Library of Ireland

Sioux Indian Football Team (ca.1910) – George Grantham Bain Collection, Library of Congress

Shamrock hockey team, Montreal, QC (1899) – McCord Museum

Eymard Seminary Baseball Team, Suffern, N.Y. – Wittemann Collection, Library of Congress

Palace Rink Team, Detroit (ca.1910) – George Grantham Bain Collection, Library of Congress.

African American baseball team, Danbury, Connecticut (ca.1880) – Gladstone Collection, Library of Congress.

Shamrock Club lacrosse team (1879) – McCord Museum.

Minneapolis Talmud Torah football team (1920) – Steinfeldt Photography Collection of the Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest.

Irene Kaufmann Settlement, junior basketball team (1929) – American Jewish Historical Society.

Stetson University’s football team (1907) – State LIbrary and Archives of Florida

McGill swimming team, Montreal, QC (1920) – McCord Museum.

Wesleyan Theological Basketball Team, Montreal, QC (1916) – McCord Museum.

Trafalgar Institute basketball team, Montreal, QC (1928) – McCord Museum.

Ladies cricket team, near Weetangera Lane, Canberra: a team composed once a year to play the men, who would use a pick handle (1910) – National Library of Australia.

Dee Why senior Rescue and Resuscitation team, winners of the 1951 Australian Championships (1951) – Australian National Maritime Museum

Portrait of St Mary’s College tennis team, Charters Towers, Queensland (ca.1930) – State LIbrary of Queensland.

Members of the US servicemen’s boxing team (1943) – State Library of Queensland

Local cricket team, Waterford: Second from the left of the seated gentlemen is Sir Richard Musgrave, 5th Baronet of Tourin (1902) – National Library of Ireland.

Hartlepools League Champions for Quoits, a traditional game which involves the throwing of metal, rope or rubber rings over a set distance, usually to land over or near a spike (date unknown) – Hartlepool Cultural Services

African American baseball team from from Morris Brown College, Atlanta, Georgia (ca.1899) – Daniel Murray Collection, Library of Congress.

Aboriginal cricketers with Lawrence and William Shepherd, on tour, Swansea, New South Wales (1868) – Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

Mercury basketball team, Minnesota (1923) – Steinfeldt Photography Collection of the Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest.

Expansion Ladies Football Team, 1918 – Museum of Hartlepool.

Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Basketball Team, The Jets (date unknown) – San Diego Air and Space Museum Archive

United States Military Academy (West Point) football team (1913) – George Grantham Bain Collection, Library of Congress.

Hartlepool Y.M.C.A. Billiards Team (1920) – Hartlepool Cultural Services.

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