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A Burlesque Translation of Homer (1797)

- April 21, 2012 in burlesque, homer, iliad, non-article, texts, Texts: 18th, Texts: Fiction, Texts: Miscellaneous, Texts: Poetry, thomas bridges

A Burlesque Translation of Homer, by Thomas Bridges; 1797; G.G. and J.Robinson, London

Homer’s Iliad set to bawdy verse by Thomas Bridges (c.1710-c.1775), originally published in 1762 under the pseudonym Caustic Barebones. The work achieved some popularity, and was reprinted several times, the last in 1797. In 1765 Bridges wrote The Battle of the Genii, a burlesque of John Milton’s Paradise Lost, which was once attributed to Francis Grose. Bridges’ only novel was The Adventures of a Bank-Note, published in 1770.

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