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Paul Walsh is joining Viderum as CEO

- December 19, 2018 in News, Viderum

I am delighted to announce that from January 1st 2019 I am moving from Open Knowledge International (OKI) to join OKI’s sister organization Viderum as CEO. In my 4.5 years at OKI, I’ve had the privilege of working across a wide range of the activity the organisation engages in. I’ve written software for immediate deployment into government offices, designed technical platforms for our grant funded work, curated a number of data specifications, led on the delivery of projects large and small, and run the organisation as a whole as part of the senior management team. It has truly been a dynamic ride, and I’m grateful for the experience I have acquired both personally and professionally. Over this time I have also had the privilege of working with, being mentored by, and mentoring, a number of exceptional people. OKI has always attracted amazing, unique, and motivated people with its broad and inspiring mission. I’ve never been in a working environment quite like it, and it is the main aspect of work that I will miss once I leave. In joining Viderum as CEO, I am moving on, but not too far away. Viderum was spun out of OKI  to provide high quality CKAN-based data management solutions for clients world over. My move follows on from recent changes at Viderum, and together with Rufus Pollock and the rest of the Viderum team, I’ll be leading on a renewed approach to our core data management business. There is huge, undeveloped potential for next generation open source data management solutions across government, business and enterprise, and we are well positioned as a team to provide vision and execution of new and innovative approaches building on CKAN, Frictionless Data, and other open source software. For the next couple of months, in addition to my new role, I will be continuing in my current senior management role at OKI with Karin Christiansen, though at reduced capacity, so we can support Catherine Stihler as she moves in post as OKI’s new CEO. Going forward, I can be reached for Viderum-related business at I want to thank the OKI Board for all of their support over my time at OKI, and in particular, Karin Christiansen, both as board chair and in her role as interim Executive Director over the last 6 months.   About Viderum Viderum is a data management solutions provider. Founded as a separate company in 2015, Viderum creates, maintains, and deploys data management technologies for government, enterprise, and the non-profit sector using CKAN and other open source software. About Paul Walsh Paul Walsh is a technologist with experience implementing software, managing teams, and generating business across the commercial and non-profit sectors. Read more about Paul here.

Announcing Rufus Pollock is Joining Viderum

- November 6, 2018 in News, Viderum

Open Knowledge International and Viderum are delighted to announce that Rufus Pollock is joining Viderum as President and CEO. Rufus is a pioneer and leader in the open data community, founder of Open Knowledge, and the original creator of CKAN. Rufus will also be acquiring a majority stake in Viderum and is committed to ongoing investment to accelerate its growth. Viderum is a leading provider of data portals and open data solutions to the public sector. Open Knowledge created Viderum in 2015 to take forward their pioneering work in creating CKAN, the open source software that has powered many of the world’s leading open data portals including, and many others. Rufus will be taking over leadership with transitional support from departing CEO Sebastian Moleski. Rufus said: “I’m incredibly excited about this opportunity. I’m passionate about the potential for open data and data generally to transform government, enterprise and the non-profit sector. Thanks to the great work by Sebastian and the team, Viderum has grown steadily over the years. I’m committed to continuing and accelerating that work.” Vicky Brock, Board Member of Open Knowledge International which set up Viderum in 2015 and remain active stewards and stakeholders in CKAN and Viderum, said: “We’re delighted to have Rufus back involved in this way. Rufus has a great vision both for the technology and for the broader data ecosystem, and we’re very excited to be part of this next step in developing and accelerating open data.” Sebastian said: “The growth of Viderum over the past three years has shown that an open-source startup can flourish and succeed in the international civic tech space. I’m excited to see Rufus join Viderum and he will be able to capitalize and develop on its strengths to deliver access to open data to everyone worldwide.”   About Viderum
Viderum is an open data solutions provider. Founded as a separate company in 2015, Viderum creates, maintains, and deploys technology for governments, public sector enterprises, and non-profit organizations to manage their data and publish it as open data. About Rufus Pollock
Dr Rufus Pollock is a researcher, technologist and entrepreneur. He has been a pioneer in the global Open Data movement, advising national governments, international organisations and industry on how to succeed in the digital world. He is the founder of Open Knowledge, a leading NGO with a presence in over 35 countries, empowering people and organizations with access to information so they can create insight and drive change. Formerly, he was the Mead Fellow in Economics at Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge. He has been the recipient of a $1m Shuttleworth Fellowship and is currently an Ashoka Fellow and Fellow of the RSA. He holds a PhD in Economics and a double first in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge.

New open energy data portal set to spark innovation in energy efficiency solutions

- June 22, 2017 in ckan, Viderum

Viderum spun off as a company from Open Knowledge International in 2016 with the aim to provide services and products to further expand the reach of open data around the world. Last week they made a great step in this direction by powering the launch of the Energy Data Service portal, which will make Denmark’s energy data available to everyone. This press release has been reposted from Viderum‘s website at

Image credit: Jürgen Sandesneben, Flickr CC BY

A revolutionary new online portal, which gives open access to Denmark’s energy data, is set to spark innovation in smart, data-led solutions for energy efficiency. The Energy Data Service, launched on 17 June 2017 by the CEO of Denmark’s state-owned gas and electricity provider Energinet, and the Minister for Energy, Utilities and Climate, will share near real-time aggregated energy consumption data for all Danish municipalities, as well data on CO2emissions, energy production and the electricity market. Developers, entrepreneurs and companies will be able to access and use the data to create apps and other smart data services that empower consumers to use energy more efficiently and flexibly, saving them money and cutting their carbon footprint. Viderum is the technology partner behind the Energy Data Service. It developed the portal using CKAN, the leading data management platform for open data, originally developed by non-profit organisation Open Knowledge International. Sebastian Moleski, CEO of Viderum said: “Viderum is excited to be working with Energinet at the forefront of the open data revolution to make Denmark’s energy data available to everyone via the Energy Data Service portal. The portal makes a huge amount of complex data easily accessible, and we look forward to developing its capabilities further in the future, eventually providing real-time energy and CO2 emissions data.” Energinet hopes that the Energy Data Service will be a catalyst for the digitalisation of the energy sector and for green innovation and economic growth, both in Denmark and beyond. “As we transition to a low carbon future, we need to empower consumers to be smarter with how they use energy. The Energy Data Service will enable the development of innovative data based solutions to make this possible. For example, an electric car that knows when there is spare capacity on the electricity grid, making it a good time to charge itself.Or an app that helps local authorities understand energy consumption patterns in social housing, so they can make improvements that will save money and cut carbon”, said Peder Ø. Andreasen, CEO of Energinet. The current version of the Energy Data Service includes the following features:
  • API (Application Programme Interface) access to all raw data, which makes it easy to use in data applications and services
  • Downloadable data sets in regular formats (CSV and Excel)
  • Helpful user guides
  • Contextual information and descriptions of data sets
  • Online discussion forum for questions and knowledge sharing

Introducing Viderum

- February 15, 2016 in ckan, Featured, News, Open Data, Open Knowledge, Viderum

Ten years ago, Rufus started CKAN as an “apt-get for data” in order to enable governments and corporations to provide their data as truly open data. Today, CKAN is used by countless open data publishers around the globe and has become the de facto standard. With CKAN as the technical foundation, Open Knowledge has offered commercial services to governments and public institutions within its so-called Services division for many years. Some of the most prominent open data portals around the world have been launched by the team, including,,,, and—most recently— Today, we’re spinning off this division into its own company: Viderum. Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 4.56.36 PM We’re doing this because we want to lend a stronger focus on further development and promotion of these services without distracting Open Knowledge’s core mission as an advocate for openness and transparency. We’ve also heard from our customers that they are asking for a commercial-grade service offering that is best realized in an organization dedicated to that end. Viderum’s mission will be simple: to make the world’s public data discoverable and accessible to everyone. They will provide services and products to further expand the reach of open data around the world. Says CEO of Viderum Sebastian Moleski:
I’m personally very excited about this opportunity to bring open data publishing to the next level. In all reality, the open data revolution has only just begun. As it moves further, it is imperative to build on core principles of openness and interoperability. When it comes to open data, there is no good reason to use closed, proprietary, and expensive solutions that tie governments and public institutions to particular vendors. Viderum will help prove that point again and again.”
Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 4.45.19 PMAs a first step in fulfilling their mission, Viderum is offering a cloud-based, multi-tenant solution to host CKAN that has been live since mid-November. This allows anyone to get their own CKAN instance and publish data without the hassle, cost, and learning curve involved in setting one up individually. By lowering technological barriers, we believe there are now even more reasons for governments, institutions, and local authorities to publish open data for everyone’s use. Viderum have set up an office in Berlin and are currently hiring developers! If you know anyone who’s passionate about building software and the infrastructure for open data around the world, please pass the link along to them. To find out more about Viderum, check out their website, read the FAQ or contact the team at